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I'm cool. Just wanted to know how she felt about it. Does she feel the same about children not reporting abuse as she does grown men and women not reporting it?
Hey OP I have a question. Am I bad person for not reporting my abuse for years even though I knew it was wrong and that it didn't happen to "normal" kids? No really,how do you feel about that? Do you think children that don't tell about abuse are just as bad as you think your former MIL is?
Has the MIL shown any sings that she will be abusive to your daughter? When she confided in you about her rape did she seem sad about it? Maybe a little ashamed? Has the FIL shown you any signs that he may be abusive? I'll refrain from telling you some of the signs my own abuser showed b/c it's not nice and I'll get sent to the corner You don't have to educated about rape,sexual abuse or assault to show a little understanding about why a woman (or man) wouldn't make a...
Thank you. There really isn't much that can be done now,the damage has been done all ready. I can't remember the names of all the bullies or the all the mods that I talked to during that time either. I think tht statute of limitations has probably run out I understand the mods aren't paid and they don't have an easy job,but yeah they probably could have done better b/c it was quite clear what went down at the time and reports were made.
No,there really isn't,but if it does happen again I hope ya'll do yer jobs.
I was one of the people who was torn apart and belittled. I had to leave the forum for a while and recover before thinking it might be ok to come back. I'm not as crunchy as some of the moms here or as crunchy as MDC would like me to be I guess. I like shampoo will be soon be getting a stroller b/c my babe is getting to heavy for me wear all the time in this heat and for our vacation,disposables diapers please.I understand that a lot of people have an issue with MDC,so...
Not that confusing Dar. It happened I was bullied. Bullied and beaten so much that I had to leave and regroup and take care of myself before I got to badly hurt. I came back with a new account/new name so no one could continue to berate me for the choices I was making that some didn't agree with me on. Of course I couldn't come back using my former username b/c the mods/admins won't allow me to change a name even for my safety (unless I pay?) and I had to protect myself.
Thanks Amy,yeah it still stings what those other mamas did to me and how the mods didn't do as they should have. They actually blamed me and I got into shit for standing up to myself and asking in the threads that a person stop following me around and of they couldn't be supportive to just stop making comments. I'm angry and that's part of the reason for my beautiful language,but I'm also just liking the fact that I won't get my mouth washed out with soap anymore for it
nak-i do only have 1 account and 1 user name here. i'm telling you this only to remind you that sometimes bullying has been allowed on mdc and mods/admins have handed out spankings a little to often to some people. i talked to abimommy about the issues i was having and no help was given.
Oh I have very little faith that any mod or admin will do anything for me now. It was a long time ago and I had a different user name then and I'm not about to go back and search for those threads and posts where I was attacked. Dar we did talk about it back then. I took my complaint (links and all) all the way to the top dog here and nothing happened.
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