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My 4 year old has the chicken pox. It has been HORRIBLE!!!! She was exposed from my husbands shingles. I had chosen to not vaccinate for this childhood disease. She is in so much pain, & sleep less nights. Dr. Sears site said 250 spots, perhaps maybe 2500 spots (ok not that many but she is covered!) She cries out in pain, rubs her body in her sleep. I feel so bad. I actually wish I had vaccinated her! So to help, we are doing advil, bendaryl around the clock. Vit E...
The Living Desert....check it out!!!! Great place for kids  & parents!  
Clarks Nutrition in Rancho Mirage http://www.clarksnutrition.com/retailer/store_templates/ret_about_us.asp?storeID=2691B1FE187D41ACB869A85CA5957A0A
Yes, this is true, but I do not know of any CPM that have OB back up, BECAUSE OB's mal practice ins will NOT allow them to back up a CPM/LM. So, that is how it is worked around. Law requires it, Ins will not allow it, so it is not done. http://www.californiamidwives.org/ I suggest looking into California Association of Midwifes (CAM). It is a great support for issues such as this.
UGH! We area .net for our school email, even though our school is listed! Off to email Amazon Prime about that one!
My son stoped the DVR!!! WAHHHHH!!!! It was Kupono's time. Boo about Randi.
I am really loving the new shows on TNT. The Closer, Raising the Bar, HathoRNe, & there are few others that I dvr'd this week.
I enjoyed it. A Lot! I read the book in 2005, while in heavy grief, so I do not even remember the parts tht were left out (until you all mention them & then I remember!) I thought it was great!!! I did not want it to end. & I must say, I really enjoyed Snape in this movie. Sigh, how long until the next one???
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse i think max fell victim to kupono's strong and popular personality, which sort of sucks, since the judges had nothing bad to say about his dances for the past two weeks. I like kupono, but he performed very poorly and i think he should have gone home. agree!!!!!!
Most MW don't carry it because it is way to expensive. In fact most probably do not even make enough to even break even with it. It is a sad reality. The only MW I know that are covered are CNM that contract through HMO's, not those in private practice. Maybe there are a few, but I can only think of one that might be.
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