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DD2 turned 1 month yesterday. She's still small and squishy and yummy but changing every day and when I talk about her birth I cry because it's becoming a distant memory yet so precious to me. Enjoy every moment.
DD1 would not swaddle but this baby loves it. It helps a lot. I get 3-5 hours straight the first half of the night. She's cosleeping and nursing the second half of the night which sometimes exhausts me but other times I doze through it and it doesn't feel bad. Things are going more smoothly with this baby thank God.
Just an update that I went and got checked today and I'm fine. Midwife said that my pelvic floor probably gets low as the day goes on creating the sensation which is always worse at night. I'm relieved and glad to put my neurotic thoughts to rest.
I did yesterday and last night was awful! But it was a bad day with the toddler too so who knows. The sleep was less today and she's calmly sleeping now (swaddled which I think helps). I'm hoping we have transitioned to night sleeping with just the one rough night. Last night she was fussy and fitful for 5 hours. Then we slept 12-4 and she was awake til 6 and I had to get up then so I'm desperate for more sleep!
I had a scary birth w DD1 as well and I'm so sorry because I know how much processing it can take to heal. I'm glad you're feeling blessed and have a healthy baby!
Congratulations! Sounds like quite an experience!
That is awesome and ironic.
My baby is sleeping so much too and I feel blessed! However her longest stretches are mostly during the day. Sigh. So should I start waking her during the day in the hopes she switches ?
Thanks all. Midwife said it could be prolapse or just my cervix being low. Working on kegels. At first I couldn't feel anything! First appt I could get is Wednesday. She said she'll take a look to see what's going on though the last thing I want is anyone touching me down there!!!
I don't know where to start asking about this so I'll start here. I feel like something is going to fall out of me. In the shower tonight I felt that feeling again plus a physical sensation too. I reached down to feel and inside my lips was totally engorged and I was bleeding. I'm 11 days PP and don't know if I should be concerned. I didn't feel this way last time. When I google the feeling I find info on prolapsed uterus, bladder and vagina! Scared!
New Posts  All Forums: