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I like to leave my lavender alone during the winter (and I live in CO) because I like the structure of it. In spring, I cut it about 2/3 back. You don't have to cut it back though and can just cut out any dead branches that remain after all the leaves have flushed out. Of course, living in BC, you may have a different variety of lavender than I am growing. I hope I have helped somewhat!
I'm probably too late to reply to this, but not all states require a lawyer in the sale of a house. I sold my own home in Indiana w/o a lawyer 10 yrs ago. Now I live in CO and was a mortgage broker for a few years. You do not need a lawyer here either. What I would recommend if this comes up for anyone again is to call a title company. They should know what you needed in the process of selling a home (they are the ones who handle the transaction in CO). I hope this...
I'm glad to read these replies. I was freaked out (pun intended) when I flew to visit my parents this past year, and Dad picked us up at the airport w/o car seats. He read the book and thought it was no big deal (even though I had arranged the car seat situation w Mom ahead of time). I'll have to let him know what you have said. Thanks!
Wow, I'm feeling so old. Those scars are on people younger than their 50's too. What I remember from the Stone Ages was getting a vax in school which caused my scar. I felt like it was several short needles which was activated by a trigger, kinda like a gun. I remember it hurt, and I remember the sound of the trigger.
OK, I feel like the radical mama here. Has anyone read Freakonomics? He has a section in the book that speaks about the car seat laws and ties it to the desire to make $$ more than about lives actually being saved. His argument is that being in the back seat is actually what saves the lives of kids, not car seats. That being said, I do use car seats. I'm just throwing this out there because I am a MAJOR: and this deserves some examination.
Hi all, I haven't been on this site in almost a year. I have a prolapse of my bladder and rectum, lovely. But earlier on this site I learned about sponges. I use them instead of tampons (which would never stay in and hurt to try) and also to help me a little when running. DS is 3 1/2 yrs now, and things are much better. They have improved my quality of life. I can do little runs now and didn't used to be able to hurry across the street. I am also seeing a doctor of...
I'll tell my brother, zona -- he will be touched
I didn't think about having a baby shower for my second. I did have my best friend come into town and paint my belly with body paints. Then I had dh paint it, I painted it, and dd painted it (not all in the same day). I actually had a friend photograph in BW the painting i did and gave it to dh for Father's Day. I also had a sitting with a professional photographer and dd to celebrate my last beautiful belly. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the pregnancy.
I have a very spiritual, groovy brother who always stops me when I'm "commenting" on one of my daughter's negative characteristics. He says he likes to think about what he is saying about someone else and apply it to himself. It has really helped me many times. When I get out of that negative cycle, dd just responds automatically by being a happier person and more fun to be around which makes me happier of course and so on. I hope this can help you in some way:
DH tries to sneak upstairs and change out of his uniform before he is fully on duty. He leaves for days at a time, so both he and the kids are glad to get back together!
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