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My dd was a fussy baby and i nursed her constantly to console her, so this was never a problem. The new guy loves to sleep! He is only a week and a half, but having to wake him every 2 hours is getting frustrating for the both of us! At what point do I let him sleep and trust his judgement for nursing-on-command? He seems to be having plenty of wet and soiled diapers and I swear he's grown, so I'm not concerned about him getting enough to eat. Any ideas?
Need some help here! DH had to go away on business for a few days-- and i'm due in 2 weeks!!!!!!! He'll be at least 10 hours away, and since dd came fairly quickly, I don't think he'll make it if I should go into labor. I've heard of a midwife prescribing a glass or two of red wine to help stop contractions, but that was for preterm labor...would this work for someone at term? How about any other tricks to prevent labor or at least slow it down? I swear I'm the only...
DD is a bit over two, and has been weaned for about a month now. The new baby is coming in a month or so, and i'm wondering if anyone has given their older children any of the "baby's milk" to their older children as a form of medicine? I would probably pump and give it to her in a cup and not let her nurse. I don't know if even a few cups would make a difference. Any thoughts?
WE'RE not telling the name of the baby, but our 2 year old DD is! She is always lifting up my shirt to say hi to baby ____. She's told both sets of grandparents and a heap of other people. We wish she hadn't because already we get feedback. My dad instantly said he didn't like it, and my mom says repeatedly that "it's still growing on her." Oh well. It'll all be over soon enough!
a hairdresser told me it was OK to use the wash-out temporary dyes as opposed to something permanent which has more harsh chemicals. However, i've been too chicken to try. I'll just be a brunette for a little bit longer! I have heard that highlights are better because they don't touch the scalp. i understand your pain, though. When i got tired with my looks i went out and got new glasses. it helps!
AP gets so much attention for the infant, but does anyone know of any good books (or other resources) that tells you how to AP your growingly independent toddler?
We need help! DD has got the potty down pat, but only her own little training potty. SHe'll go on the big one, but only if her seat is on it. I don't blame her for being scared, she's little and that hole is awfully big! This wouldn't be a problem, except that we can't leave the house without a diaper, and I'm ready for it! Does anyone have any suggestions, tips or tricks for getting over the big scary potty?
FYI in case anyone wants to know... after a long wait and a dr's visit, she had just bitten her tongue really hard. no thrush, no nothing but a chomp!
Oh, where to post this question?? DD just turned 2 and I found a white patch in her mouth for the first time ever. It's on her tongue, on the side as if it's a scab from a nighttime chewing session. She's not fussy at all about it, and has been acting fairly normal despite the new teeth that are coming in on the other side of her mouth. The tricky part is that we're still nursing about 2 short times day, but i'm almost 6 mo pg. I'm not feeling anything "thrushy"...
I agree with y'all, that a teacher can make or break it, but remember that you are the teacher that counts and you really need to bring home what you learned in class! I have to put in a vote for MusikGarten. It's another program similar (but IMO much better) to kindermusik. It's not big and flashy like KM, but instead is totally based on the combination of old folk songs and nature. in fact there are special summer classes designed to be done outside!!! we're taking...
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