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Welcome! I remember you too! (and what's this about "back on MDC now that my kids are older"? Your kids are still BABIES compared to mine!)
I have no idea merpk. The first time I got lice I was too young to go to the mikeveh (kindergarten) and the next time I was already divorced (I got it from my kids.)
Now I'd rather get a gift card TO Goodwill! Why spend $25 on a top when I can spend the same $25 at Goodwill and get 5 tops, or on 2-3 tops and have money left over to look for toys?
Quote: Originally Posted by Calm Fast forward, my daughter (7 years old) is much like me. She looks like me and is an absolute one of a kind (only luckily for her we had it picked up on by a teacher and subsequently found out she is highly gifted, had this been picked up on in me, mine may have been a different experience). She finds it hard to blend with her age group, is better suited to older people. To be harsh, the kids just don't get her humour...
I always get sore, bloated breasts premenstrually. When pregnant, I got the same thing around the same point in my cycle, only it was a lot more intense- instead of my bras being a bit snug, I needed the next cup size. And it lasted a lot longer than a week, and AF didn't show up! The only pregnancy I didn't notice any early breast changes was DD2, when I was still nursing DD1. I had plenty of nipple soreness while nursing in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, but my ONLY...
I wouldn't take a toddler to get her ears peirced. IMO, either do it when they're too little to be mobile (and thus won't get them dirty and risk infection), or wait until the child is old enough to understand why she (or he) needs to keep the ears clean. A pre-crawler just can't get into dirt the way a 2yo can. I got DD2's ears peirced when whe was 4mo, and that's about the oldest I'd do it in babyhood. She wasn't mobile enough to cause any problems before the ears...
I never even thought to test before 6 weeks from my last period (I never actually pinpointed my ovulation the months I conceived.) With my typical 5 week cycles, I was waiting until at least 21 DPO to test. With DD1, I didn't want to get my hopes up and then be miserable if I got a BFN. With my next two pgs, I needed that extra week of denial before facing the reality that I was pg again.
They were definitely head-down pretty early, although I can't remember by exactly what point. I'm not sure about them being engaged or how one would even test for that. I do know that I was definitely aware of "the baby dropping" at some point during my 9th month with my first- I honestly can't remember if I had the same experience with my next two babies or not.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
My DDs' father can be the exact same way! Only he'll hear half a conversation and butt in with a comment that's completely irrelevent to the rest of what we're talking about! I mean, he was sitting in the room for the entire conversation, but somehow manages to only hear one sentence and then start rambling on about it. "Um, no Ben. We're not talking about JFK and his accomplishements right now. We're talking about how long somebody can be a president and mentioned...
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