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Nope, no procedures whatsoever. My midwife described it as a "double layer" so I think I was just born with a weird cervix! She said it shouldn't be a problem for the next baby.
My due date was Monday July 2nd, but our little boy had been at 0 station since 38 weeks and sometimes it felt like he was going to just fall right out! At my 39 week appointment I was 80-90% effaced and 2cm dilated. My midwife Nancy gave me a 25% chance of making it to my next appointment, which would have been at 40 weeks 3 days. Saturday June 30th: I woke up at 3 am with low menstrual like cramps and loose stools. My cramps were coming erratically, between 5 and 20...
My DS is 4 weeks old. We REALLY struggled with establishing breastfeeding and he only really "got it" a few days ago. Prior to that I was pumping 9 times a day with a symphony rented pump and bottle feeding. The past 24 hours was our first with no bottle! He is latching great and I am not having supply issues currently. He is a very good sleeper and will often go 3-4 hours at night two or three times in a row. Before he was nursing my lactation consultant told me that I...
How did you wean him off the paci? My babe LOVES it, especially when he's tired. We're definitely not at the place yet where he can comfort nurse, and I feel so cruel taking suckling away from him when he so clearly craves it.
Wish garden herbs makes a tincture called happy ducts that my sister in law swears by for her recurrent plugged ducts, although it gives her baby gas.
Gemasita, how old was your babe before you started multiple nursings per day? Exclusive breast feeding? I am the full time nanny for my niece who will be 7 and a half months old when I get her back at 6 weeks. I am terrified that I will not be able to keep up the pumping with a 7 month old and a 6 week old. I know I need to stop worrying about the future and focus on today, but it's so hard.
Thanks for the replies ladies. We took him to the chiropractor when he was 2 weeks and while he enjoyed it, it didn't seem to effect breast feeding. My midwife wants me to try craniosacral. I don't see any evidence of pain, but I'm willing to try anything. My let down is really quite fast, I squeeze milk into the reservoir of the nipple shield before attempting to latch so he doesn't have to wait for it. I don't think my flow is too strong either, because he doesn't gag...
I have an almost 3 week old and we are really struggling to establish nursing. I had a natural home birth with no trauma, but he refused to latch from the very beginning. I began syringe feeding with donor milk on day 1 and have been pumping every two hours with a rented hospital grade pump since day 3. He latched on day 3 with the nipple shield and we began bottle feeding ebm that first week. He's healthy as a horse and gaining weight great. My supply is strong and I am...
Check out www.richmonddoulas.org
There is a great online community of natural and attachment parents for Richmond called NAP. check it out! http://www.naprichmond.com/napforum/index.php
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