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Hi all, I am expecting my first baby this summer. I currently have 18 small (up to 20 lb I think) prefolds, 5 size one Thirsties duo wraps, and 12 brand new fuzzibunz elite one size diapers plus some inserts. I am currently nannying for my 12 week old niece and have been able to really get the hang of using prefolds. I love the fuzzibunz too though, and I'm guessing they are what my partner will prefer. I have two questions: 1. Will the fuzzibunz fit a newborn well? I...
Hello all! After 12 cycles of trying I am finally knocked up. My calculations put my EDD at July 1st. My DP and I live in Richmond VA and I am a social worker and a new doula. We tried 9 cycles of frozen iui, then switched to a known donor and got pregnant on the 3rd try with him. I hope everyone is feeling great!
Thanks everybody! I haven't been super active on this board recently due to ttc emotional overload, but you guys are the most amazing supportive ladies ever!
I'm definitely pregnant! The lines keep getting darker and I am queasy and my boobs are huge and tender! Babydust to everyone!
Holy Crap!!! I got a super faint line on a test this morning! After 12 rounds! I can't even really believe that it could be true.
Hello all, We are currently in our tww on our 12th cycle. (3rd since switching to ICI with a known donor). We have two vials of IUI premium sperm from California Cryobank (Donor 11748) sitting at Fenway Health in Boston that we do not plan to use and would really not like to pay to store. Is there anyone out there interested in purchasing them very cheaply? We bought them for $645 each but I would really just be happy to see them used by someone, so price is very...
Hello all, I have been away from the board for quite some time. We really needed a break from even THINKING about trying to conceive. We moved home to Virginia (from Boston) in April and are finally back onto the TTC rollercoaster. Just a little background: I did 9 months of IUI with frozen donor sperm, relying on OPK and charting, but no ultrasounds. I had good day 3 bloodwork and an all clear HSG done before using clomid on our 9th try. Never got pregnant. We are now...
Hey all, my DP and I just moved home to Richmond VA after being in Boston for about 4 years. We were ttc up there for about 8 months with ID release frozen sperm via IUI. I am currently taking a break from ttc and we are considering switching to a known donor. Is there anybody out there who has conceived with a known donor in VA? If so, did you do anything other than a typical known donor legal release? I know that in Massachusetts the donor has to go to court after the...
BFN 10 and 11 dpo. Definitely feeling AF coming. SO bummed. I guess now I can just focus on our big move and quitting my horrible job and trying to feel human again. Thanks for being there ladies. Just knowing everyone is out there trying is such a comfort.    Good luck happycalm! I can't wait to hear!
Library- I definitely had a dream where I stole someone's baby in the supermarket and took off running...   AFM- sick with a nasty cold and can't take any good drugs because of the 2ww. sad.
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