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Anybody ever have dizziness as a very early pregnancy symptom?
  I always like to say, "oops, I fell on some sperm! How convenient!"
Thanks for all the welcomes everyone! I had my second IUI last night so it's on to the 2ww...
We used one for 4 rounds and this our 3rd round with a second donor. Both have confirmed pregnancies and the samples have always looked great.
Has anybody used oral clomid without follicle monitoring? I have heard of people producing too many eggs and calling off the insem. I don't think our clinic does ultrasounds or anything. Is that risky?
Are those of you who write the names of both parents on documents like a passport application both legal parents? If not does anyone ever ask for documentation regarding your legal status?
I like Carter and Emerson.
Hi all, I am new to the forums. My DW and I have been trying to get me knocked up for a while. We just had our 7th office IUI today. We are working with a GLBT health center and not a fertility clinic so I haven't really had any monitoring other than 3 months of BBT charting before we started in the program and OPK testing to determine insemination date. I am 27, healthy and have very regular periods. I've menstruated almost exactly 14 days from every insemination...
New Posts  All Forums: