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Did a trip from Montreal to Vancouver (96 hours) this summer and it ranks as one of the top 10 trips ever.  Have also done a shorter (20 hours) from Halifax to Montreal and also loved it.   Biggest pro in my opinion is not having to deal with airport security.  
She's paying for the cake.   OP - I'd call her and explain that you guys wanted to keep it small and you have family not coming and sorry, but no.
I don't know why my quotes aren't showing up...this was in response to the query about Kathryn.
I don't know if she is still here, but she is on another board that I frequent.
Yes, it was.
Sorry,  I am with your mom. If you wrote the cheque, the money should have been in the account to cover.  It's not her fault at all and she shouldn't have to check with you prior to depositing it.
Annakiss and MamaG   MITB was always ummm interesting reading.
Born and raised in BC, have only ever heard top up,  have never heard top off.
I am just gearing up for a battle at soccer today.  DD's team had a tournament this weekend and one of the moms took a photo of the team and put it up on FB.  Not cool at all.
I'd write the manufacturer and tell them why you are not going to be purchasing their product since one of only three distributors in the entire country treated you like that.  (If there is a second choice, tell them you are getting it from them).
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