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42.1  and can't believe Im post dates.My NST/ultrasound everything looked great, so were just waiting for baby to come. Still no signs of her coming anytime soon. My birthday is Saturday, so maybe she's waiting for then? I sure wish she would come soon.
42 weeks tomorrow.. Had my NST/ ultrasound today and everything looked good, but said baby is measuring 39 weeks?!
Tomorrow is my last day of 41 weeks, I have a NST/ultrasound some time tomorrow. Hoping everything like my fluid and placenta look great! My midwife is okay with me going over 42 weeks, as she would rather be there than us have an unassisted birth :) So that was reassuring to hear. I have lost a TINY bit of plug today. Otherwise, no changes. She hasn't been as active today compared to the two straight hours she practiced her ninja skills last night :) Hoping she comes in...
Well chances are LO2 is already getting the antibodies from your milk, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just keep everyones immune system up. Stress can keep you sick, so just try to mellow out and enjoy your sweet babes. Tackle one thing at a time, it will get better. WOOSAH mama!
Teles, I feel the same way!! So much of it still doesn't feel real.    Im getting ultra close to 42 weeks! two more days! 
41. 3 and still no complaints other than isn't she ready yet?!? I'm so ready to meet her I started b&b to see if I have any luck. My midwife gave me an enema kit and told me how to use castor oil of I want to try before 42 weeks. I'm not really sure what ill do if I hit 42 weeks, I know I don't want a hospital birth so maybe stay home? I plan on getting the 41 week NsT and ultrasound the day before 42 weeks just to be on the safe side if I do decide to stay home
Ha, us too! We buy specific drinks mainly and snack food and its totally all gone. One night I had pretty intense pressure and thought I was surely going into labor.. Whole foods was closed at that time and we had already gobbled up my certain snacks and drinks so I was little freaked, though I know id be fine ;) Funny though 
41 weeks TODAY! No complaints other than at night is a little uncomfortable rolling from side to side, and getting up to pee. Last night I must have been Very tired because I didn't get up to pee until 4am! I had a check on Saturday I was 75% or so and 2 1/2 CM. I told myself I didn't want any checks this time, but, I've had a few nights of contractions that faded so I was wondering if they did anything. My midwife would like for me to come in this week before our...
I feel really great! Today is my 'guess date' and I really thought labor started last night as I was cooking dinner, then cleaning up the kitchen and house just in case it was the real deal, the pressure kept coming and staying moderate. I did think a few times, have I really been saying I hope I go into labor etc bc a couple of the pressures reminded me of my first labor so, she will come when she is ready, and ill be ready. Though I do feel its very close, she also...
39 weeks
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