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My dd whom is gifted has moderate Eczema. My other two children don't.
Great blog! I loved your incite. How did you paint the rocks? we have tons of rocks being in arizona and they would be perfect in our garden. Thanks you for sharing.
Garden Update July 12 I've been harvesting squash, beans, okra and bell peppers. Still waiting on tons of tomatoes to ripen. The romas are big but green.
Quote: Originally Posted by SundayCrepes I got really sick really fast last night. As in, I was fine, 5 minutes later my arms and legs felt weird, 10 minutes later I was lying on the floor of my husband's office. I hope you are okay. That is scary. Funny that the first thing you thought of was your garden. Just like I won't go on vacation during the "harvesting months". lol feel better!
Happy Birthday Farmer Cathy
When to pick okra THis is helpful. I just picked some this morning. If you let them get to big they will be tough.
Quote: Originally Posted by goldfinches Doesn't look like a veggie to me, either. Looks like a weed, sorry Thanks ladies. I don't really have any weeds in my garden, a few random ones every once in a while. I'm glad I didn't keep waiting for it to produce.
I built this garden 4 years ago. I will put it since it isn't a veggie plant. I have no idea where it could of come from. Thanks!
Mystery Plant I was thinking it was a pepper plant because of the shape of the leaves. The flowers are long and there are tons of them. I started everything from seed. I did have a package of mixed peppers, I don't remember planting anything in this spot though. Help.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/1230381...7624121532979/ Garden Update
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