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I am in arizona and i water daily unless it rains. I see some mild drooping during the hottest part of the day. once the sun starts going down, they perk back up.
How do you apply it?
I just got back from being gone for 9 days. Some of the tomato plants are getting so huge the walk ways are getting non existent. I need to get some bigger stakes or cages made for them. One is so heavy. I harvested about 3 lbs of tomatoes; cherry, grape, a few early girls and some beefsteak. I planted more than enough cherry and grape tomatoes because my kids love them and none will go to waste. My two new lasagna beds are growing and the plants are really big. I was...
Family of 5. We have plain white correlle dishes. 8 of everything. 6 tall drinking glasses and 6 juice glasses. I also have 2 huge mommy and daddy mugs for tea. Plain white is great because i can throw a colorful charger underneath and make it seasonal instantly!
My Garden June 6 I'm leaving on thursday for texas. I will be gone one week. I have someone watering for me. There won't be a ton of ripening during that time right? :
Quote: Originally Posted by dillonandmarasmom I have baby honeydew!! I'm so excited!: Congrats! I'm always happiest when I see baby melons.
In our front closet we have a holder on the wall for broom, mop, etc.. I dont use a mopbucket.
I hand water. My neighbors have a drip system for the garden and they are still having to water every other day. Last year they didn't have it and they had to water daily.
My kind of "heat" in arizona is probably ALOT closer to the heat you experience in your part of Cali. It is very dry, no humidity at all. Somedays I have to water every day. I have never had a problem with sun burning my veggies, they just need a lot of water.
Awesome job mama. I love all the pictures to go with your declutter journey! Great inspiration.
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