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My Ross has them for $7.99. They also some cayman style for $9.99!
It does sound like your child is a bit ahead. My second dd just turned 5, she finished prek. She has been able to count to 100 by 10s, 5s and 1s for at least a year now. She can do double digit math mostly in her head and no problem on paper. She can tell time and count money. Could they put your child in a higher grade math?
I just harvested my third batch of spinach and my first cuttings from my lettuce. I usually saute my spinach with olive oil and garlic but this time i am going to mix it with the lettuce and make a mixed greens salad. It is enough for a family of 5 at least. Its so yummy. Some of the spinach is going to seed so i am pulling it, and replanting. 1 week ago i put in some more lettuce and spinach and it is getting big. It grows really well here, surprising because of the heat.
I think our dog house/coop is a tad bigger than yours. Do you think 6 hens will be okay in there? They will mostly just sleep and lay in the coop, we will free range during the day.
I am enjoying the chick stage, i look forward to raising them. I can't imagine the joy of finding our first egg! : It will be a while.
I got my chicks! 1 egyptian fayoumis 1white russian orloff 2 blue sumatra 1 Ameraucana 1 sicilian buttercup Chicks here chicks again This is when i first brought them home. I set them outside in the sun while i set up their warm home. They are all asleep, warm and cozy now.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoHappy That is so funny. White bread, processed meat and what appears to be American style cheese food product, and they're concerned about what it's wrapped in? Also, all those ingredients come from the store in plastic, so what's another 4 hours in the lunchbox? laughup So true! Just like when some women drink a cup of coffee when pregnant, but then dope themselves up with demoral and an epi! Doesn't make sense.
Lots of stores sell them. Soybeans are sold at lowes, home depot, ace, etc.. They even sell organic varieties. I have a packet of them, i didn't plant but a few. How many are you looking for? I have had all of mine germinate. Depending on how many you need, i can send you some seeds free.
That is fantastic!
I really wanted to start raising chickens, but my husband is leaving the country monday. Without any time for him to build a coe. Well a dog house appeared on freecycle made by mr. shed. This was the answer! I didn't expect much for free but was so amazed at what we got. Future coop side view : It definitely needs some more ventilation. But other than that it looks brand new! It is professionally built and perfect. I dont have chicks yet but will soon! Trying to...
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