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Mammamade Pockets or Chumbas Fleece Sandwich.
Quote: Originally Posted by jloveladycmc not to stir up anything...I'm just soooo tired of "study's" meant to make me think that I'm not capable, don't have enough time, too busy etc,etc,etc... to care for my child. Kind of like those frozen PB&J sandwiches..how much time can that possibly save?! (no judgement call on others here, just my own .02!) I couldn't agree more. I used disposables for two years because everyone told me how "time...
Wonderoos have a patent so i would think there couldn't legally be another diaper completely one size like it is.
That must be why my 2.5 year old is only 22 lbs and still wears 6-12 month clothes. I should of known wearing her until she was 2 would restrict her growth. I should be ashamed! : :LOL
I almost got to meet her. We had a mothering Hawaii get together Monday at my house. Mamamaya is in contact with her and Jenn wanted to come too. They both didnt make it. Maybe next time. I cannot wait to meet her. I hope her and baby are doing well.
I love variated threads. We only have Wonderoos but i have one lonely Cuddlebuns with a watermelon appliqued on the butt(TP) it has pink and green color coordinating thread and pink snaps. I always eye out those cute diapers with variated threads. I really want to get some but i am stuck with 30 wonderoos. I can't let go of them. LOL
Agreed. We use Wonderoos and we have almost all larges. We even used these when dd was on the smallest rise setting. Now dd is on a medium and the larges fit perfectly. Get the large and then you dont have to go up a size again!
Wow that gave me chills. That is so awesome. What a wonderful and impowering birth experience. Oh and that baby in the kozy makes my uterus ache for another. My second dd is only 5 months and dh is gone so i have to wait longer. LOL But what a great story. Thanks!
I have a Burt's Bees Diaper ointment sample waiting for you!! Hurry the mail hasn't come yet i will mail it today.
Faires!! I am glad that those fairies found such a grateful and obviously deserving mama.
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