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too little or too much water? When you start introducing them to the much warmer weather, they start requiring more water than if they were inside. Last year my okra did amazing. We had enough for dinner every other night. I am in arizona, and its very hot and dry.
We've had bunk beds since my dds were 6 & 4. The older one sleeps on the top bunk. My ds was 1 when we got them. Rules are NO one is allowed on the top bunk except my older dd. No friends, no little brother, no one! I remember my ds trying to crawl up there many times, we would take him down and tell him no danger! He is 2 and still tries at times but normally gets right down. Since we dont allow anyone up there but dd, there hasn't been any accidents. And yes my 2 year...
I use peppermint mixed with water in a spray bottle. The ants go running when sprayed on the soil. I have also sprayed the plants directly as needed. One of the local master gardeners told me that some ants are beneficial. Some types will keep caterpillars and other insects at bay while tilling the soil naturally. But some can ruin your garden. I don't risk it so i use the spray.
Quote: Originally Posted by FondestBianca a pomchi crossed with a yorkie maybe?? ) My thoughts exactly. I was going to say pom/yorkie. But I see some chi in there too. Cutie!
I'm sorry to hear about your bite and loss of function in your arm. Thank God you are alive mama. Thank you for your encouragement and tips. I think this will be possible. I am waiting to hear back from the hatchery nearby. I want bantam silkies. I'll go take pics of the area i want the coop.
I bought those mesh zipper bags at the dollar store 2 years ago and I am still using them. They are still holding up, a few zippers have broken but i still use them. Also earth shoes come in really nice muslim bags. I have two that I also uses for produce.
Thanks Mama. That was my feeling too. DH is just really worried. It doesnt help that my neighbor agreed with him.
We live in southern arizona in small town. We dont live out in the country but less than a block from our house is a farm that has cows. Several times there have been coyotes, havelinas and rattlesnakes in the front yards. In 3 years we have never had a rattlesnake in our backyard. The wildlife come out at night. We have a 3/4 acre backyard with a brick wall fence. Only thing is we have a RV gate. So rattlesnakes could come in through the bottom. I finally got dh to agree...
Is she comprehending what she just read, or just reading the words? My daughter turned 5 on april 6 and has been able to read most sight words since she was 3. Now she reads almost at a second grade level. Though she can read almost all that level, she can only comprehend what she is reading at a 1.7 grade level. If she wanted to she could read a 5th grade book but she wouldn't be able to recall what she read, she is just reading the words on the page. KWIM? I would give...
I put mine in my front hallway closet. I keep the kids shoes on the shelves, less often used ones in the back. I put their backpacks on the top changing area so they can easily grab them and go. In the winter we put their winter coats right next to their backpacks. It works great and really helps keep the kids organized.
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