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Hi Katie - Joey is not currently practicing as far as I know. I used Susan Dodge CNM for my second homebirth but prenatal care happens at her home office. She doesn't accept first-time moms or VBACs. Here is her contact: http://m.healthgrades.com/provider/susan-dodge-xsyknBest wishes!
Adorable photos!!! I don't know if I've shared these 1 month photos here... 12 weeks:
Little one decided to come early this morning at 41 weeks and 2 days.
Precious!! Hope you are healing well and enjoying your babymoon!
Beautiful mamas!! I made it to 38 weeks - so grateful
A friend's 4 or 5 year old really wanted to hold my dd as a newbie & while they did it safely, I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE with it and said no when asked a second time. Definitely not subjecting myself to that this time. No kids except DD probably ever. Don't care if that makes me the mean mama. It just really bothers me.
Congrats! Welcome, sweet Neva!
I've been so nesty all month. At least half of the furniture in the whole house has been rearranged & it feels great. I spent a lot of time obsessing over birth supplies since we were totally unprepared for DD. I stripped all our prefolds and have the changing table all stocked with diapers, covers, creams, snappis, etc. Tomorrow I'll be setting up all the baby gear we received from a friend - bassinet, swing, bouncy seat; probably also stocking the freezer with easy,...
Congrats!! What an exciting birth story can't wait for a photo.
Henna belly! 35+4 at my mother's blessing.
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