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My DD will be going for her 1 year check in April and I need help in deciding which vax she will need here is what she has had so far- 1Hep B 2DTaP 2Polio 1HIB 1Pneumococcal I won't be giving her the pox or MMR at this time and looking to only give 1 vax. Just trying to get info on what she "should" get next before I actually goto the docs and they tell me she needs 10 of them: Also what ones can we hold off on so that she can wait and get fewer...
Wow thats crazy!!! I am sure someone here can get you some info
Awesome job!! WTG!!!!!
That make me so sad, mad and disgusted!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti If they insist, I'd take out my cell phone and at the same time I'd ask whether it would be best that my lawyer is present? GOOD LUCK! Let us know how it went. I like that last part Thanx I'll let ya know how it goes
I LOVE this board!!! I was a Pro vaxer till I came here and started learning about vax's and the ingredients. I have till this point been a selective delayed vaxer that wants to stop vax'ng (ds #1 is fully vax'd, ds #2 has most vax's except for a few and dd has had only a few vax's) I still have ALOT to learn!!!
I chose #1 but #2 also applies I don't post as much only because I feel I don't know much and I am here to learn!!
Tomarrow will be my son's 1st day at preschool and I will be bringing all the paperwork along with my exemption form I'm just hoping they don't ask me any questions or give me any crap!!!: Wish me luck for tomarrow!!!
She is breastfed!! She has been getting quite a few colds so I am looking to build her immune system with extra vitamin C
good Herbal websites that also gives how much a person should get ex. vitamin c, echenecea?? Does that make sense?? I don't even unstand what I wrote!!!:
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