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Thank you for all your replies. I am still deciding on which one to get.
Where did you get your mei tai? I love it.
I have a 2 month old and I love my Moby, but since he is getting big; 12 + pounds and counting; it is getting a little too stretchy for me and I am always adjusting it to tighten it up. Also, it does take some time to get it on when he is fussy, so I really want a mei tai. I even thought about getting a stronger wrap like the Bali Breeze etc, but I am not sure. I just hate having to wrap and then wrap some more, to wear it; especially out in public. So I am set on a mei...
  Here too. After talking to the nanny service more and finding out it would cost us the same amount for a doula, we decided we are going to hire a birth doula. My DH can look after the kids and she can help me.  Plus having a stranger here that is not used to a birth would make me uncomfortable, where a doula is used to it. We found someone who is very nice and knows our situation and is on board. So now that that is solved, I have to do some serious house cleaning....
I called numerous doulas and there are no local student doulas around my area.   We decided to just get a nanny for the time I will be in labor or in case of a transfer. There is an agency near me and they said that they would be ready when I need them.   TY again for the advice.
Thank you for all the responses.   I am going to call a few doulas in the area and see prices etc.
I am planning a HB in 2 weeks and I have no one to watch my 4 1/2 year old twins. My friends, family and In-laws live out of town and I do not know anyone here that I trust. We did have help but it fell through and so my husband and I are on our own.   Do you think my kids will be fine not having someone to watch them.Do you think they will be old enough to understand? My husband says that he will be able to take care of them and me at the same time, but I am worried...
Sorry, cannot delete or correct post.
Has anyone had a VBAC at Eglin and how was it? All the good and bad.   Thank you.
Thank you for responding. Right now I am Tricare Prime and I have called Tricare numerous times and they keep telling me they do not cover a homebirth, so I am going to go there personally and see what happens.I am also going to ask again about who is covered under Tricare Standard. I also have called a CNM covered under Tricare Prime in my area and she refused to deliver me. She said that it depends on whether the doctor she works with lets her and even then she...
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