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  I totally agree! That's why I mentioned the *very, very slight chance* of infection and also that you never know what's on store bought pads. Moldy tampons - yuck - and that's not an isolated incident  either, it's happened with pads too. I would have to dig up references (nakking atm), but there have been cases of uterine infection and infections of stitches which traveled upwards into the yoni to the uterus that have been pinpointed somehow to using cloth pads pp...
nak they're all treated with flame retardants - old and new alike. the best thing to do is to wash, wash, wash. my understanding is that many, many washes will eventually remove flame retardants. even more so if the item is sun-dried.
nak   I used cloth pp with my youngest baby (2 months). Let me tell you - it was WAY better than disposables. I bought two started packs of Fuzzi Bunz and they were a perfect amount (I am a very heavy bleeder). They softness is so nice pp, especially if you end up with stitches, which I did this time. I highly recommend cloth pp.   One note though, some childbirth professionals do not recommend cloth pp because if someone is not super vigilant about keeping the...
  Absolutely. Best money I have ever spent on books. Ever.   Sometimes you can find good deals on Ebay when a mw student changes her mind and sells off a cache of books. That's how I have bought most of my library.
Wow! Thanks for sharing!!!  
Liked Oak Meadow and Mothering on Facebook.
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I could wax on about why we homeschool , but here I'll just stick to the basics. We homeschool because we feel that as their parents we are the only ones who can ensure that our children have the environment in which they have the opportunity to cultivate a love a learning and can therefore realize their full learning potential, because we LOVE them. No one else loves our children like we do. We can tailor our teaching to help them as individuals. We homeschool because...
I don't soak and I don't have stains. My pads are snow white.   I put my pads in a tiny wet bag that is the same color as the wall they hang on. I them usually take them out to the laundry area to another wet bag each night, just so our bathroom doesn't get funky (we have no window in the bathroom).   I wash my pads every other or every third day (I usually bleed for 7 days, 5 of it very heavy). I use a small amount of Bio-Kleen powder detergent and then I fill...
Yay! That is very good news! Sending you lots more healing thoughts. Enjoy your rest!
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