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I have 3 in my freezer and a fourth one any day! We had been looking for a house to buy for years, and finally bought one last November. Our fruit trees arrive in January and we will be planting each childs' placenta under a fruit tree. The cool thing is, our older two kids, who will be 7 and 5 when we plant the trees, will get to plant their own placenta under their favorite kind of fruit tree! DC1 has chosen cherry, DC2 has chosen plum, I'll help DC3 pick a tree, and...
Congrats mama!!!! Welcome baby boy K!!!   I am sorry you did not get the birth you want. I hope you get to hold your new baby a lot more soon and that you both heal up and can go home and babymoon! Sending healing thoughts your way!
I am thinking about how we need to get our downspouts installed soon. And the lovely quilts I am making for our oldest two DC's. We picked out the material and patterns together. I have everything I need to get started, including thread and batting. Now is the time to iron (my least favorite part of sewing) and cut out the rest of the pieces. We even put together quilt tops for their beloved dolls.
 Whoa! That would make me extremely pissed. Truly.   Part of why I am so incredibly upset by this prospect is that the ENTIRE reason we had *two* UC's after our first was that my wonderful mw's assistant was on vacation and so another mw (with her own practice) came to assist and was totally horrible and ruined my daughters' birth. I ended up tearing severely and she made some entirely inappropriate, demeaning and just evil comments. Even my mw was upset with her. I...
  Yes, my baby is grinding on my hip bone too! I nearly fall down in pain if I'm standing. It's so sudden and sharp!
I am feeling really sorry for myself today. Trying to get out of the funk. If I don't go into labor by Wednesday night, only one of my lovely midwives will be attending my birth, along with another midwife that I have never met, though my two midwives swear I'll love so much that I'm not allowed to hire her if we have another baby. I'm not convinced, as this other midwife did placenta traction on my friend without her permission and kept tugging even after my friend...
I'll play!   - Clean the gross metal grate on the oven hood. - Get caught up on laundry. - Prepare my birthing room. - Go to Ikea and get beds and build them for the kids. (Decided I didn't want to muck with hauling and cutting lumber) - Organize the house. - Have DH install new flooring and sink in our bathroom.   And other random stuff that I am way too out of it to remember!   Good grief, I hope I go into labor soon!  
WOOOOOOO!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!  
  Oh good! I somehow got from your post that it was too cold and they didn't make it. I have been SO out of it!
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