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Think if there is any outside stress or something different going on in your life right now. Sometimes practically anything can cause irregular periods!   There is another possibility, and I don't want to cause you unnecessary stress or worry, but if you are very regular with your periods, are having negative hpt's and pregnancy symptoms, you could have an ectopic pregnancy. If you start to feel weird, run a high temp, start experiencing lots of pain, get to the ER...
the hardest part of going from 2 - 3 is the housework! eta: the only hard part for me was/is the housework. everything else feels natural. the ergo is my best friend, though.   my kids are 5, 3 and 10 months. our oldest is a "high need" kid, #2 is sweet, quiet and sensitive and the baby is somewhere in the middle. i would describe him as a sensitive tasmanian devil, lol. they are so much fun!
i knew it! congrats mama!
Crampiness could be caused by semen or even possibly implantation. Since you have DTD everyday for the past few days, sperm was likely already *right there* when you o'ed and so it is possible you are feeling implantation. Semen has prostoglandins that cause uterine cramping. That's why having sex to induce labor can be very effective.   If your CM stays sticky or creamy or anything but dry for the next few days, that could be an indication of conception. You'll...
HI! I am gearing up to start K this fall for our oldest. She turned 5 in January. I have been casually researching homeschool methods the past few years and nothing had really jumped out at me as THE way, until I discovered Charlotte Mason. While I don't ever agree with any one person's philosophy 100%, Charlotte Mason's ideas are nearly exactly how I've always envisioned how I want to homeschool.   Anywho, I picked out a ton of exciting (to me) curriculum from...
What a great giveaway! I liked MDC of facebook :)  
touche   there are different types of radiation obviously. i'm sorry i wasn't more specific. microwave radiation imo is the "bad" kind of radiation. imho, telling yourselves that "there are all kinds of radiation, so microwaves are just fine" is a salve to your consciences. microwave cooking is lazy. it is not harder to heat something on the stove or in a toaster oven. tastes better too. the fact that microwaves alter breast milk and destroy it tells me quite...
personally, i find it very weird that people feel comfortable using microwave RADIATION to heat/cook food. isn't it a generally accepted fact that radiation causes cancer?????? chernobyl etc.,???? again, i reiterate that the concept of using radiation to "cook" food is simply asinine. though that is my opinion. our family does not own a microwave, and we do our utmost to reject microwaved food.
intact 3 yo and 5 mo old boys, never any problems, nor do i anticipate any either!
ooooooh! all those recipes sound divine! i have the joy of cooking cookbook, so i will definitely be making some pudding! i'll pick up a chicken this weekend and make that baked chicken dish too. wow, that one sounds especially yummy!     great idea! how do you modify a regular choc. cookie recipe to add in the persimmon? and do you use it minced or mashed?   thanks ladies!
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