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well, i don't know if i have an actual bushel, but i have a 5 gallon bucket of them! the gardener who gave them to our family said they are the type that love a good freeze. she said they are unripe as of now, but if i put them in the freezer, i can use them straight out of it in a few days. we love fresh persimmons, but she said they should be put in the freezer, and i don't have much freezer space right now. what should i do with them? recipes? i am at a total loss here!
  i'm so sorry! about your losses and if i sounded insensitive. i really have never heard/read that before and i thought i had read/heard it all after my 3 losses and midwifery school.   i have heard/read to avoid salad bars and raw veggies when eating away from home, but never to avoid them altogether. in fact, i am a student midwife and we really stress to our clients to eat as much raw greens and veggies as possible to keep iron and calcium levels up.
anyone beside me think this was a holiday helper gag thread?
to those who said a sexual predator wouldn't "just assault" a baby/toddler in the middle of a store:   http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/12/03/BAAR1GL0VH.DTL   this sad and disgusting story was posted this morning
  this is just downright offensive and . it's this attitude that contributes to the proliferation of horrible abuse to babies and children. i won't even begin to go into some of the things that have happened to me personally and to many, many friends and family members. maybe when you live in a place like california, you would understand that the "media" isn't skewing things. in fact, i would venture to say that for every person who is caught abusing a baby or child,...
i am so sorry
try www.whitelotus.com   they have bulk organic stuffing for super cheap. i bought 25 lbs of organic cotton stuffing for $25, shipped. great service too.
i really like the tie nappies for the most part, and want to love them but they do have 1 pretty negative factor. the downside is untying a pee-soaked bow. seriously, have you ever tried to untie a wet knot? not easy! add pee to that and it can be kinda icky. if it's really soaked (like overnight) the wet tie can fling pee. in your face. yuck. other than that, they're great.
wow! thanks for all that!i've always wondered what to do with our natural dryer lint...........  
you sound like you are at the end of your rope!   nak   have you told dh that you are just going to throw all that stuff away because it's making you..........crazy? stressed and not able to mother your children? angry and not able to take him seriously/be a patient wife?   honestly, i have and would throw out junk, but i usually say "babe, we've had this x amount of time, it's not being put to use, it's driving me mental. can you do something with it right...
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