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i'm so sorry you are dealing with such a complicated situation.
ditto. i *had* to have a fl for my cd's, i was told fl's get clothes cleaner. well, they DON'T! the biggest waste of money i have ever spent in my adult life. i'm not kidding you. if you still decide to go with a fl, though i vehemently advise against it, stay away from LG.
a maya ring sling for newborn times and an ergo after that!
Quote: Originally Posted by anj_rn No, I do not think that man (precinct judge at the polling place), wants you to trim the hair in his ears with your laser (penlight). this one's the best! from my 4 yo dd: "why do old people look like monsters?"
"No you cannot lock yourself in the dog pen outside while naked and scream 'help me!'." yep, that's my girl
Quote: Originally Posted by mamazee I was so glad to get to the part where you took the car back. Quote: Originally Posted by mamadelbosque Thats insane. I'm reading this with my mouth literaly hanging open. Some people are simply freaking crazy. Its there only excuse. Quote: Originally Posted by Kreeblim Way to go on taking the toy back! I would have turned around when she started cursing...
one of my bf has gotten pg 4 times while taking the mini pill and bf'ing! and i've heard many similar stories. eta: you'd think she would try something else by now huh? imho, the mini pill DOES NOT work while bf'ing! i hope you get the answer you want mama!
nice work!
one of my uc babies was a "sunny side up" brow presentation. i had incredible back labor/pain, and baby's head felt HUGE pushing it out, even though baby was small-to-average, a little less than 8 pounds. pushing only took about 10-15 minutes though. transition was the most intense of any labor/transition i've had. eta: my coping technique was to be on all fours in the shower with two big towels folded in half and draped over my lower back. the water soaked the towels...
New Posts  All Forums: