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ime, like pp's mentioned, it usually depends on the dipe and the baby. for my first child i purchased 24 organic terrycloth imse vimse diapers. my baby was so tiny and stayed so tiny, that they didn't fit her until she was well over a year old, and then she was potty learning by that time. but they worked well for my subsequent average sized babies soon after birth. for an robust, average-sized newborn (8+ lbs), i think *most* os diapers would work reasonably well.
i haven't read all the replies, but i read somewhere (so long ago, can't remember where) that the genetics that affect *your* teeth goes like this: it is your maternal GREAT-grandmothers' health that determine your genetic tooth health the most because the egg that became your mother developed in her body.
i shared this with dh and he was all
i just found out about this when i went to pick up some from the local hfs. and the recall was for possible belladonna toxicity, really????? imho, no big deal. really, isn't that the beauty of homeopathics? isn't it theoretically "impossible" to od or over-medicate using homeopathics?
we've been using withdrawal for 15 years now around/during fertile times and it's never failed us
i just found these: weehuggers wet bag and i thought "what a lovely idea!" sometimes it's so very awkward to carry a wet bag on the go.
i'm in the market for a new wet bag for on the go. i can't decide between wool and bummis, but i know i want it to be as natural as possible. so, what is your favorite wet bag and why? any wet bags you hate and why? thanks! eta: ooops, didn't see a similar thread before i posted this one, replies still welcome though!
any ideas?
zoebird - that website is wonderful! inspiration galore! thank you
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