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Quote: Originally Posted by Lucy Alden A youth chair might fit the bill. I found one at Goodwill for $5 bucks and another at a garage sale for $15. It's a great transition piece between highchair and adult chair. great idea!
i like a powder detergent. here is my simple recipe: 1 box borax 1 box washing soda 1 box (large) baking soda 1/2 oz -1 oz essential oil (i like lavender) mix with whisk in 2 gal or bigger bucket. i use 1/8 c. (or 2 tbls) per load in a front loader. adjust amount for each load depending on the hardness/softness of your water and enjoy!
i thought www.bunkbedking.com had good prices and quality. no pressboard or plywood.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmoma She asked if he wanted a "tookie" and our friend replied "Why yes I would love a "TOOKIE". She looked at him very seriously and replied "It's not a TOOKIE its a TOOKIE!!" OMG it was hilarious...she had no idea she was saying it wrong. her. my dd does this too! so darn cute!
my 4 yo dd calls bias tape "biased tape" but 2 yo ds is THEE best: diarrhea is "die-duh-bee-duh" beans are "beanses" (actually all plurals are like that, eggses, sockses. think gollum) bunny rabbit is "rubby babbit" you is "ou" (like french sounding) yeah is "laaa" he has a funny halting way of talking, and somehow he has a french accent (i can 100% affirm he has never heard french in his life) so i started calling him my "french robot". he honestly sounds...
if you're up for it, please try this technique (amounts or specific ingredients don't matter, it's the technique that's the key!): 1. saute 1 whole onion (chopped of course!) in 1/4 cup butter or olive oil until tender, but not soft 2. add other veggies and beans (not tomatoes though) and allow to cook until tender, but not soft 3. salt veggies/bean until they taste good on their own (very important!) 4. add spices and ground beef and cook until ground beef is...
i didn't read through all the replies, so maybe someone already mentioned this, but do you add sea salt? that would boost your chili's flavor 100-fold. also, some black pepper in the bowl after the chili had been dished up (adding black pepper to cooking food will turn it into a highly indigestible substance, i learned this through research for my dh's UC).
thank you pp's for the links and resources!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kristine233 I am of the opinion that all kids should be treated as if they have sensory issues and need to be allowed to sensory seek and should have a well balanced "sensory diet". I don't think it should be something to worry about unless it limits her day to day life and sensory promoting activities aren't helping with behaviors and coping. (I was a pre-k teacher for 10 years and found this approached helped a LOT!) Check...
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II http://www.chewelry.ca/shop.html I would get the longer necklace; the short one is very short. thank you so very, very much for that link. i was hoping to find a chewer that was non-toxic. my dd is almost 5 so she rips holes in all the organic fabric chewers within a couple days. i really appreciate this!
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