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Oh, she is perfectly precious! Thank you so much for sharing pics! I am happy for you that postpartum is going better than last time and well so far. Keep us updated, looking forward to more pics!
  Sorry I missed this! I'm happy for you that your list is complete, but the blood-pressure issue is no good.   ETA: After I posted this I saw OceansEve's post! DOH! Well, sounds like you could have a baby soon! Definitely keep us posted on how you're feeling. If you try the wine, let us know how that goes too. And, yes, please, I will take all the energy anyone can spare!
  My DH says the same thing!   Well, crap! I so hope this isn't labor for you. And you were charting too, if I remember correctly, so you're sure of your dates. 36 weeks is *early*! Try the wine. It's an old remedy for stopping pre-term labor.   Yes, my list is scary. And overwhelming. I just want some super energy and (eta) NO ctx for a few days. That's all I need to knock this list out!
I am not ready yet. Baby is due next Wednesday, and if it follows the pattern of my other kids, will be here next Sunday. So that leaves me potentially 10 days to:   - Set up birthing space (build bed, move furniture into birth space, hang artwork and lighting) - Gather birthing kit items (sew sheets for bed, buy arnica, prep postpartum pads, sew receiving blankets and more) - Wash and put away baby's things (dipes, carseat cover, clothes, blankets, sew baby...
  Try to stop doing stuff!   I *know* that's easier said than done, believe me, my house needs attention, there is zero newborn stuff prepped *still*, no birth space and birth kit is still lacking some key components. I know that if I just stay patient and keep pacing myself, it will get done before the baby is here. I have to believe that. TBH, when I start having too many ctx, I get into a hot, hot bath and drink a few sips of wine. Then I go lay down. It's been...
Congrats mama!!!  
Totally! There were a couple of other stats I'd like to include too, but the darn text box isn't wide enough because of the sidebar ads! I'll try and mess around with it and see if there's anything I can do to make it all fit and still easy to read. Hmmmmm.................  
WHOO! Can't wait to hear an update! With pictures of a baby perhaps?  
Hang in there mama! I have read stories about mamas with leaking waters for several days who have gone on to spontaneous labor. As long as you're comfortable with how things are going and baby is doing well, I personally would ride it out too. Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing emotionally. I had  several days of prodromal labor with my second and it was pretty disheartening, so I can only imagine what you are feeling right now.
He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats mama!!!   Welcome Zavriel!!!
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