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WOW!!!! I am so happy for you mama! You got the birth you always wanted!   Welcome Ellie Rose!  
  I finally figured out after all these years and babies that I *want* help. But I am completely OCD about my home/routines and so I can't stand other people cleaning my house/doing laundry. Well, the lightbulb *finally* went off this time. If someone asks how they can help, tell them to bring us food. That's my compromise. Food is a huge issue around here postpartum. I scratch cook everything and simply cannot keep up after I have a baby. Even though it may mean...
Hi mamas! I am hoping to find someone who has a Happy Hang-Up they are not using anymore. I am in California and will pay to ship internationally. My price limit is around $125, depending on the condition/age of the hammock. Have a beautiful day!!!
Exciting! Keep us posted mama!  
Congratulations!!!!!!   I can't help but say it: I am totally jealous of your birth!!!! That's the one I want this time! Caul and everything!   Can't wait to see pics and hear some stats!  
  This! It's finding the routine that works for your diapers/water/washer that is the most challenging part. Once you figure that out, it truly is gravy. Cloth diapers rock!   Maybe I have some freak babies, but my newborns seem to pee a *ton*. Soaking through clothes and blankets and everything. That's a big reason I love cloth, because it's more absorbent than paper sposies, IME.
You're too cute! I definitely don't feel the same way. I will never forget the feeling of shell-shock when I saw myself after my first was born.  Looking back now after having three kids, I can say that my body did indeed look extra awful after my first. Even in all the books I had read, no one *really* talked about exactly how strange you may look to yourself. Just vague sentences like "You may be surprised at how your body looks after you give birth." YEAH....
  I'm sorry about your grandpa.   It's just that time of year for being sick! The worse time of year to have a baby, IMO is from here till spring. *Everyone* is sick and *everyone* wants to hold/touch the new baby. People, STAY AWAY! When DS1 was born, we all had a horrible chest cold that actually became bronchitis. My MW friend said not to worry about getting the baby sick, since I got sick while I was pregnant he was pretty much immune to whatever bug we all had....
I bought the GroVia newborn dipes and though I haven't prepped them yet (eek!), I was planning on just washing them on hot 5-6 times and drying them when I'm done. There is no way I'm going to wash AND dry 5-6 times!   I have the BG Elemantals too, and they said to wash/dry 5-6 times, but I just washed them a bunch and then dried them once at the end. It worked just fine!  
  Don't forget about how much meconium weighs! We weighed DS1 right when he was born at home (8 lb 6 oz), and then a few hours later, after he exploded meconium *everywhere* and his weight was nearly 1/2 lb less! If your DD peed and had a bowel movement in between those two weighs, I would definitely attribute the rapid weight loss to that, and not CS vs natural.     Hooray for milk! I used to call my DD the "Barracuda". She had *such* a powerful latch and suck! She...
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