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I hear you! I still have to wear nursing pads when I go out, or else I'll usually leak enough to show through my outer shirt. Today I worked outside and wore a nursing tank and didn't leak through, so that was super exciting....And my DD is 7 and a half months.  
My LO is just about 6 months, and I was using a mild soap for a while, but have lately switched to washing her with honey. It seems to work well, even if she is actually dirty. I remember reading about using it instead of soap, but don't remember where I read it or any details. I know it's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial (and anti-viral?). She also barely has hair, so I use it on her scalp and don't have to worry about soap in her eyes.
I don't know about those, but I love buckwheat hull pillows. They aren't a fiber as such, but are super comfy. We can't use ours right now because we're co-sleeping with a tiny babe and they are heavy, but I can't wait to get them back in the bed.
We had the same problem. I tried a few different diapers and doublers, but no matter what they'd leak. I ended up dressing her all in wool, with a wool sleep sack, so even when it leaks she stays warm and dry. We also use a bigger cover than she wears during the day so it's not squishing the diaper and doubler.
My babe has a similar schedule. She goes to sleep at about 7, wakes up for a bit at 9 or 10 (pm), then sleeps until 4ish when she needs to nurse. Then she nurses at about 6:30, and doesn't sleep really soundly from then on. She doesn't get up until 8 ish, but is snacking a lot. I've just been wondering about her going to sleep ritual. We often have her in the moby for the first part of her sleep (7-9) and then all go up to bed together later. I don't know if that is...
Meredith Geers is in the Syracuse area, and may go to Utica. I don't know her well, but she's the only one I know of up there. Her business name is Family Tree Midwifery of Central New York.  Good Luck!
I've been having the same problem, and wearing wool seems to be helping. I wear a thin wool sweater I picked up used, the babe wears a wool sweater and pants (also found used:-)   ) and I even have a small wool blanket I put under the sheet to protect the bed. Even though we both still get wet at least we're warm now.
I just did a cloth diapering workshop at our local natural baby store. They specifically said that 'free and clear' detergents will cause this to happen to diapers. I don't remember why-but they are a wealth of knowledge and great about answering email questions too. They suggest RLR laundry treatment for stripping
I haven't been super active, but would be really interested in this. Sign me up! :)
I'm in much the same boat. Mine is very minor, but allergy induced, and I'm not taking anything for my allergies, and it is a hum-dinger of an allergy season. I've been feeling a bit asthma-ee a few times in the last week. I'm not too concerned yet, but my GP said the same thing. The inhaler (albuterol) isn't great, but better than an asthma attack. :( So, sorry I have no advice, just can commiserate.
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