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mom-of-4:  That sounds just like my girls were.  Unfortunately, I do think some babies are just like that.  It's not atypical for a 3 month old to have poor sleeping patterns, to startle themselves awake and to hate swaddling. (definitely no way to determine if a baby is ADD but I had that in the back of my head all the time since it runs in our family a lot.  My first restless baby is now a fairly calm, well mannered 4.5 year old with incredible focus and self...
Yes, thank you for that update!
I'm so sorry NSmomtobe.  ((hugs))   I haven't seen my allopathic doctor about this because conceiving is just an idea right now.  No need to see him.  He's a WONDERFUL doc who is a huge fan and supporter of natural birth which is why we stick with him, but he doesn't know much about vitamins and supplements.  I am fairly sure he would just say, "Take some folic acid."    There is definitely something more going on.  I had hyperemesis gravidarum both pregnancies which...
Thank you for these replies. Baby is 2, almost 3 now! So I survived the pregnancy. but I do still struggle woth low bp and days where I can hardly move. But, as much as I resist, moving does end up helping. I should really work on regular walks. I have. Treadmill. Tjere is no excuse...
There is one. I've worked with her a bit but I'm not very impressed so I hesitate to spend money on a consultation with her.
Okay so I understand that taking folic acid is not recommended (among more health savvy circles) and instead you should take methofolate or folate?  I also understand that if you test positive for the MTHFR gene that even that isn't enough and you have to do something different because your body won't convert the folic acid supplement into something that is bioavailable.  I haven't had the test, but I do suspect that I don't absorb B vitamins very readily so I may need to...
Just sent you a PM mrsskalko!
Just sent you a message, kprice!
Aww...what happened to this?  It says "account suspended" and I can't read it.
Keep 'em coming ladies!  We are planning a possible move to CO in the next couple of years and one of my worries is that we won't find a doctor as fabulous (and accepting of our decision to decline vaccinations) as the one we have now.  It's so encouraging to know we may be able to find a doctor in CO.  How about the Denver area?
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