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Someone else mentioned using a shoe organizer and I think i am going to try it! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you all for your responses, I find it helpful to see where people store these things in their homes. A friend on another board mentioned maybe getting one of those clear plastic hanging shoe organizers to hang on the back of the closet door to store most of this stuff, and I am thinking it would work great. Sometimes you just need people to get creative with you, and help you figure some things out, lol.  
When you say pantry, are you referring to your kitchen pantry? Like where you keep your food staples? Maybe I should just clear a spot there??
Lightbulbs Batteries Chargers Digital Camera Gift Wrapping Supplies Scrapbooking Supplies Candles Flashlight (In case of power outage) Office Supplies (Pens, pencils, tape) Craft stuff for kids (play-dough, finger paint, crayons, etc.,) Photo albums and photo boxes Off season clothing Liquor   Keep in mind I have NO extra closet space, the teeny tiny ones I have are being used for clothing, so storing in a closet is not an option. Also, I...
I like all the pics. I am wondering if anyone could post pics of their storage? For misc. items like batteries, linens, chargers, etc., This is the bane of my existence, lol.
I did a search  on simplifying the other day and was reading some old posts and found where one poster had said that she simply sets a timer each day for one hour and cleans one whole hour a day and that's it. I was intrigued by this tip, as schedules and routines have never worked for me. The ONLY part of flylady that I thought was a good tip that actually worked was the timer idea...so I have been trying it. It is working. So far this week, it has been a great tool to...
I agree with pp that you may be at the point of having to just let natural consequences happen.
Thank you Lesley, for your kind and supportive post! I always appreciate those kind.
Sometimes I just don't know how much more I can take. I don't know that all parents feel like this, I have three teens...but two of them are so extremely strong willed I just want to quit sometimes. We are a blended family and my kids biological dad has never been super involved, sometimes I wish he was a decent person so I could just have the kids go stay with him a while and I could get some rest. The two smaller ones never exhaust me emotionally like the older three....
I have two girls that are fourteen months apart and they absolutely cannot share. Their fighting makes the whole family miserable. However, I have two little kids, 4 and 11 months that share currently and it works for now.
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