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I really appreciate everyone's responses. I applied for and got a part-time job as an advocate for victims with domestic violence and because it is only 12 hours per week, on evenings and weekends, my childcare costs will be  minimal. I feel like I am moving in the direction of what I want to do and how I want to live.   I am proud of myself because when I first told my family, they were resistant. They did not want me to be unavailable to them in case they "needed"...
Not sure I can give advice but I am struggling with my own 16  year old ds, some of the same issues. I sure do sympathize though....Wish we both could get some answers!
Roast beef, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot. I will also add a green salad.
It sounds as if your mother had a picture in her head of a "good daughter" and how that good daughter would look, act, and dress. And maybe she needed or wanted you to be that "good daughter" so that it would validate her and her parenting...At any rate, you sound like a unique and special person and I am sorry she could not embrace the gift of the real you.
Thank you pp, for your response. Maybe we can brainstorm together for ways to improve ourselves and our situations and get "unstuck."
I guess a really accurate word would be "stuck", I just feel very stuck. I don't know how to move forward to change my life, or what direction to even take, really. When i think about returning to college, I think of the years it would take and all the requirements and classes, and I get overwhelmed and feel like I can't do it. Would it be simpler to just try to take a shorter vocational program of some sort that would at least get me back in the work force? I am not...
Lots of good tips. I really like the tip of keeping things close to where you  use them, that is very common sense, but not always utilized here. I also like the idea of storing most toys away, so that they are not out all the time, that is a huge problem here.
I am trying to find the absolute simplest ways to organize things. I feel like I tend to be too complicated when I try to get organized, and then it ends up being overwhelming. What simple strategies do you have for organizing and storing things in your home? Specifically clothing, toys, towels and linens, etc.,
I'm happy I found this thread because I have been feeling overwhelmed daily with my home. I look around and it feels like all I see are things that need to be done, projects, painting, etc., I like the advice of taking things a little at a time. Our master bedroom really bugs me because it is covered in dark 70's paneling. The paneling has a lot of holes and is not in the greatest shape so I was trying just to wait till we could afford to do something different like...
Mamarhu, it is not HER  fault her daughter does not respect her personal property and her DH does not back her up with handling the problem. Your post sounded accusatory. OP, I have similar situations with my teen daughter, you have my sympathy.
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