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I offer natural minded childcare from my house. PM me if you'd like more information!
That's too bad. I wonder when that happened. I feel like I was on that site not that long ago and there was still stuff there. It's so empty now.
  That sounds a lot like our day with my 22 month old DS. He's so little, there isn't time for much else. 
Does anyone have a good source for 100% wool felt? If it has some sort of chemical free certification, that'd be even better. I'd be using it to sew some simple picture books for DS. I used to let him have free reign of the board books, but he's started peeling the pages apart . 
completed both steps
Thanks!   Where did you get the stuff you started out with?  
I'd never heard of the book, but actually just ordered it. I'll let you know if it's any good. Thanks for the recommendation!
I've heard great things about that radio flyer push wagon. Two of my friends have it and LOVE it. 
I don't think at 1, my DS would have gotten much out of a play kitchen. He's closer to two, now, and he's just starting to get it. He's also not into art things yet (he puts things in his mouth still).    He's been into the stacking rings (still spends hours with those) and nesting things since about his first birthday. He's also uses play silks off and on, but is just starting to get more creative with them. Any sort of cart would be a hit... DS loves something he...
New Posts  All Forums: