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Hi Jenni,   If you want to be added to the Naperville co-op you can email napervilleorganics@gmail.com.  
I run a co-op over in Naperville, IL and I am thinking of starting one in the Tinley area. Trying to figure out how much interest might be out there.   Basically we are a co-op that orders organic produce at wholesale prices. You pick whatever you would like and pick up your order usually every other week. All ordering is done through the email and you pay when you pick up your order.   I'm not from the Tinley/Orland area and not too sure how much a demand there...
Dr. Leona Di Amore, Chiro at The Healing Place, www.thehealingplace.me. She does cranial, chiro, massage, trigger. She is awesome.    
I have owned my own businesses in the past and have had no problems but this is a big one and I am not entirely sure how to handle it all!   I am going to be selling organic produce to a very large area that people pick up from different locations. I will not own these locations but will be using other business as drop locations. This will be operating in several different counties and possibly different states.   I have a custom spreadsheet underway but I need a...
When did it start and was it all of a sudden? Do they itch or bother her? Usually skin reactions are allergy, like PP stated. I'd start off with trying to eliminate wheat and dairy (out of your diet) and see where that puts you. If not you can do allergy/sensitivity testing to know for sure.
Yes, digestive enzymes usually come in capsule or chewables. A good brand is by homefirst, a product called betten-aid. It contains probiotics and enzymes. The enzymes will help to insure that he is properly digesting his food.
It really depends what you are on and what you would like to detox. I would say for the most part you could probably do a light detox, or move slowly. It's really hard to give a general answer. There are so many different ways to detox and meds can really vary (especially when you are taking more than one!). I would suggest seeing an alternative practitioner and work out a program with them. Good luck!
Throwing up can be many things....I'd start with some digestive enzymes. I'm glad to hear that he is doing better :)
I wanted to post, even though I do not know entirely what to say to you. My husband has multiple personality disorder, he is actually much better than he use to be. He has come a long way. Flower essences have been a God-send. I am sorry you are goin through this and if I can help you at all, please PM me and I will do all that I can.   (hugs)
Is this a baby? What age?
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