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Migranes can be often linked to liver congestion or food/chemical sensitivies. May that be playing a part?
You can put castor oil packs on her chest to help draw out some of the congestion. O usually use thieves oil as well on the chest.
Is your fatigue related to stress at all? You could try to flower essence Olive for immediate relief (or at least sooner than supplements). For poor blood conditions like anemia I would recommend some chloryphyll, yellow dock (for iron) and some blood strengtheing. With the related menstrual problems I would suspect the liver is playing a part here. That is just where I would begin, sounds like things might be a little complicated. Hope you can find some help!
People with "addicitons" will tend to fall into them when they are having emotional upsets. If you think the most of this is related to stress I would check out Olive, Elm and Oak. One of those could probably very well help. There are also lots of flower essences (not Bach) that can help with addictive behavoir. I am not as familiar with these but you can try googling "addiction" and "flower essence" some good websites to check out are : www.flowersociety.org or...
Thanks Jessica, hopefully that will clear up any questions. It really is quite simple once you get the general understanding of it. If you still need more info, just let me know.
Dairy is almost always constipating though, anyway. Lack of water could be contributing to the problem I'm sure. When battleing things like that with my kids I would probably tell them that they couldn't have dinner (or any meal) until they drank a glass of water first. They would fight it first but soon learn that I really meant that there is no way I was going to let them eat until they drank the water. Most kids will just drink the water when they get hungry enough (and...
Many foods have addictive qualities, and since most Americans consume wheat several times a day, it can have this effect on people. Do you have some wheat-like substitutes? A good gluten free bread? Brown rice noodles? The only kind of cleanse I would think that would help enough with that I would not recommend while breast feeding. But perhaps something could be done regarding the emotional state you are in, and why you want wheat. Do you think there is anything going...
Hornbeam might do that, clearning out the mental energies... Is there a reason he isn't sleeping more? That can be helped with FE but it depends what is causing it. And you cannot really go "wrong" on flower essences, they will help fell one feel the positive effects or they will feel nothing. If you gave the wrong remedy nothing bad will happen, no side effects You need to find out what is going on at the root of his depression...if that is what is happening. Wild...
If you're reacting to something specific in the CIB then that could be it. There are a lot of ingredients in that though, yes? It might be hard to narrow it down. If you've linked the diarrhea to the Carnation then you are right just to throw it away! HTH
Okay everyone, it's a go! Look like we are going to see how many we can get interested and we will do an order the end of November. Send me your emails and I will be sending out details to follow. You can email SchifferND@yahoo.com The Healing Place is located at 513 W 87th Street, Naperville. Between Washington and Plainfield/Naperville Road. Not far from 75th. www.thehealingplace.me should have directions. First pickup is looking to be the last Thursday in November.
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