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I'm a queer single parent by choice. My son was born in June. Maybe we could have a dedicated group/thread to chat.
Congrats to the all the new mamas! I'm 38+2 today and started having pelvic pressure in the last few days. BH are getting more intense but I've had them since about 25 weeks so not sure if they are really a sign of anything even though now they are about 10-15 minutes apart for most of the late afternoon and evening. No other labor signs so far, but I'm hoping...    Ready to meet my baby soon!
I'm 37 and will be 38 when I deliver. This is my first child and I'm planning a natural childbirth in a hospital-based birthing center. My OB is very supportive of my birth plan and since I'm healthy overall, hasn't really treated me as an advanced maternal age patient.  
Hi all. I've been lurking for a few months and finally decided to post. I'm 36, single and ttc at home with frozen sperm. Due to a bunch of different life circumstances I had to delay the first few attempts and hopefully will be ready for ICI #1 at the end of September. Wondering if there are any single queers out there who are also ttc.
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