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Usborne's The New Baby talks about breastfeeding but in another area, they show a bottle.
My tip is utilize essential oils.  Freshen up the house with a few drops in your vacuum bag, in your de/humidifier, etc.
I shared this giveaway via Facebook (Jeanette Albright).
Grace (4) as Princess Leia, Ethan (6) as Luke Skywalker, Husband as Han Solo and Weston (2) as Yoda.  Below is me carrying R2D2 in my Moby wrap  
I've liked Boba and am a member of the Mothering community. We've babywear-ed since baby#1 for ease and for his enjoyment.  When #2 came, it was so nice to be hands free to help the toddler.  And for #3, he was a higher needs baby who loved swinging motions.
I am considering this to be a new career path for me (I am currently a SAHM but will need something paying when the kids are all in school) and I am wondering what you all think is the best organization to certify with.  My background is a masters in engineering and currently a CBE. I also have a bunch of other random questions: Anyone who is certified, where do you work? What are employers (hospitals, WIC, private consulting) looking for? Do you feel to be...
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