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janiep81/janie EDD: July 24 based on LMP I still can't claim either way if I think LO is a boy or girl, but my husband had a dream about a girl. :)
Ohmygoodness you said poutine.I live in Tennessee and I've only had it once, when we were on our honeymoon in Vancouver/Victoria. My DH kept talking about how gross it was and I thought it sounded DELICIOUS and I was correct! I would pay a lot of money for some poutine in Tennessee right now.
We've told family and a few who need to know, like my boss. I'd like to keep it quiet at least until we see the heartbeat (Dec 11: 8 weeks) and preferably even longer than that. I work with folks grieving all kinds of loss including infant and pregnancy loss, so I'm just a bit anxious.
Hi everyone! I'm Janie, I'll be 32 when LO is born, and I live in TN. I'm a part-time WOHM but I'd love to work at home.  This is my second pregnancy. I'm due July 24-ish. I had a difficult birth that resulted in a c-section and uterine rupture with DD. I've dealt with a lot of grief regarding that, since natural birth was always on my bucket list. At this point, though, I'd be thrilled if I can carry LO until term and can do skin-to-skin and/or breastfeed within 30...
Rosie: I'm so sorry for your rupture. I had one, too. I'd pushed so hard for so long (after an induction) that when the OB cut into my uterus it just kind of ripped open even more. My CNM told me not to attempt a VBAC. I've really had to grieve that loss, and now that I'm expecting #2 I really go back and forth about attempting it or not. I doubt anyone in my red state town will even try it, anyway. ...I just wanted to let you know that I empathize. Natural birth was on...
Hey everyone, I've lurked here for a while, but I'm posting, now! ...nice to "meet" everyone!
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