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Eric N. Rydland, M.D. Holistic Pediatric Care Since 1981 1921 Commonwealth Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22901 434-984 KIDS, Fax: 434-984-5439 DrRydland@kidswellness.com     There is also a Florida location he is at every month or so: Southwest Miami, Hollywood, North Miami, and Coral Gables, FL   This is my son's pediatrician. He no longer offers vaccinations, although, he does have a homeopathic version, if you so desire. 
I am looking for a Doctor who will respect our decision on vaccination.  We are in Staunton, VA, but I'm willing to travel some way for a good one.  I am up in NOVA quite often for family and work.   My son is going to be on FAMIS, but I know finding someone who is vax friendly and who takes FAMIS is next to impossible.  I am willing to pay out of pocket, as long as it isn't too crazy expensive.   I plan on delayed/selective vax.  I also breastfeed exclusively,...
I don't give him anything but boob milk.  I take a regular multi and sometimes fish oil.
I have 18 Fuzzibums pocket one size and 6 Swaddlebees Econonappi pocket one size.  I like them both fine. The fuzzibuns are a little annoying with all the snaps, but you get used to it.  The Swaddlebees don't have adjustable legs, so they leaked a bit at first.  I do like that they came with the doublers, though.
I let him sleep on his tummy on my chest for naps, but not if I am sleeping too.  
I have him face me if he is on his side, so there is no way he can roll on his stomach, as he is against my body.  He will sometimes roll on his back.  I do have some control over it, as he is in the crook of my arm.  Sure, my arm falls asleep a lot, but my mum did it for four kids, so I think I'll manage. 
These are from two weeks ago or so:          
I sleep with him pretty much the same way my mother did with us.  I lie fetal position on my side with him on his side or back in the crook of my arm, and his head at breast level.  I always put him on top of the blankets.  When he wakes to eat, I switch him to the other side, latch him on, and we both go back to sleep until the next feed.  He is odd in that he has started only waking 2-3 times at night now.      
Me!  We do only one side per feeding, but I still have more than I need and spray very hard.  He normally comes off when it does that, and we both get soaked.  The other side also leaks like crazy the whole time I feed him.   I did pump once a day when my milk first came in, but I've been trying not to.   He does very well with it and is gaining weight and everything, but I would like to not be soaked in my own milk for once.
What???   I ended up having him in the hospital, so I had it done.  They said they would do it when he was sleeping.  There is no way I would have let them sedate him!  I did make them do it in the room, but they didn't seem to mind that.
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