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I read this a few times and am still not sure if I missed something>...Are you pregnant now??  If so, congrats and wow.  If I misunderstood sorry, just wasn't sure
I wake up at 5-6 am and usually pump off about 4oz in a few minutes.  Then baby boy drinks in an hour or so.  It has been working thus far...I think the girls are fooled into thinking it is part of the morning feeding and baby boy has an easier time nursing.  Good Luck!
Anyone have completely uneven supply in their breasts?  Just wondering...I have way more milk in my left breast.  It was similar with my first child but seems even more extreme this time..
I do not have any experience with pprom and am so sorry for your experience and your loss.  I would recommend checking out Mt Auburn.  They have a large medical midwifery program and the o.b.s that work there tend to be more understanding and willing to try things.  My birth experience there was not exactly as I had hoped for but I did feel respected and informed of my decisions.  Hope this helps! 
Little tip on NIP---poncho, poncho, poncho!  Not sure if that is exactly the right term..a sort of nice fabric poncho.  They are great.  So much better than any apron-type nursing cover.  Buko...so sorry you got attitude in your own home!!  I find that outrageous and granny or not I would be inclined to tell her or any other visitor that if they are uncomfortable they can visit the kitchen, the porch, etc while I am nursing...but I can be a bit of a b**$h when it comes...
Buko,  I had a really hard time with side lying with my first chid and thought I would never get it.  I am large breasted and had a big let down so everytime it would take LO a few minutes to get properly latchedwe would end up in a puddle and she would get sprayed.  Actually the same thing happens now with my little guy.  But, when my first was about three or four months and more of a pro latcher-on and my supply calmed down a bit we gave it another go and by then she...
We are on the same route..I have been telling Nesta daily "when you turn three you have to give all your binkies to Judah because he needs them and you will be a big girl."  
I used to go to Cambridge Family Health in Inman Square..Theresa Cochran is sweet and respectful.  I do vaccinate but she was okay with a delayed vaccine schedule.  She is a family doc so I saw her as well.  Only switched because we moved and it didn't make sense to drive over there anymore.  
Congratulations!  Hope you recover quickly and are cuddling your little man right now!
Not really sure..I had meconium with both children.  With this last one I did develop an infection in my uterus and a fever as a result.  I can't say 100% it was because of the meconium but it seems like a likely culprit.   I was in a hospital so they dealt with it medically, not sure if left untreated it would have been an issue...good luck mama!
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