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What a cutie!  Congratulations
Mt. Auburn has a high VBAC success rate and their midwives, nurses, and O.B.s are very supportive of VBACs.  I will be having my VBAC there in a week or two...I hope!   
Wow!  I love the picture...you would never know from the photo what a hard time you had.  Enjoy your time with the little miss...love the name by the way! 
I am a little nervous about having a Pisces!  My little girl was late and ended up being a Gemini which I generally am not too in synch with and I was really planning and looking forward to having a Taurus (like me) though now I see that maybe two taurus women in a house might have been a bit much.  I love Aquarius though, and in general don't love pisces that much and now I am again faced with not getting the sign I anticipated!  Oh well...maybe the universe is trying...
Hey Ladies, I am wondering people's experience with using herbs during birth...I am coming on my due date this week and a kind friend in Humboldt sent me a nice tincture for use during the birthing process if I so desire.  I have not smoked regularly for a few years now and don't want to be 'high' just ease the pain so I figured a tincture was the way to go....anyway, any advice? experiences? Thanks!
Sooo Cute!  Good job Mama!
Congrats..rest up and enjoy your time with the little guy. So Cute!
Yay!  Congrats...it is so exciting that babies are starting to come into the world!
I am a bit nervous since my hospital is half an hour away.  There is "a hospital" close by but they are not quite as supportive of VBACs..I have been trying to naturally induce this baby all week..it would be ironic if it actually worked during a blizzard.  My mom was super pregnant with me during the blizzard of 78 too, but I stayed in until the defrost...
I'm not the only sickie??  This pregnancy has done a number on my immune system!  I had pneumonia in November and the flu a few weeks ago that has somehow now morphed into a sinus infection.  After 4 days of steam, grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, etc...I broke down and started the z-pack tonight.  I just want to be better and have my strength for these last days/weeks...I am 38 weeks.  And now my 2 year old has an unexplained fever...pray she is not coming down...
New Posts  All Forums: