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Horray!  Congrats mama..good work, and rest up!
I have too!  I don't mind them too much, but am getting a bit tired of them too.  Definitely keeping me regular though, considering I am taking iron supplement too.
Nothing, nada, zip!
Yay! Congrats!
Wow... congrats!  A beautiful name!  
I have been talking to my mother in law in East Africa about their post-partum belly binding techniques.  They wait a few hours after birth and then boil water with salt and herbs (couldn't really figure out the translation of these...sorry.)  They then wet a fabric with the hot water, salt and herbs and "press" on the mama's belly, hips, thighs, etc.  she said they do it for an hour or so, and then do this every day for about a month.  After the rub-down they take a...
I feel you about anxiety about going 'late.'  I am hoping for a VBAC at a supportive hospital, but they are a hospital all the same and will be pushing for induction at 41 weeks.  With my first child I was forced into induction at 41 weeks because of low amniotic fluid and things snowballed from there ending with an unplanned c-section and I have big time anxiety that I am going to have a repeat...  I am already starting evening primrose oil and trying to walk daily and...
Yay!  Congrats Mama!!
Yay!  You are such a rockstar...praying for Wendy to be reunited with you soon!
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