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I strongly suggest trying Kombucha and or Water Kefir. These are both bubbly and delicious and can be made at home for cheap, as pp's have said.   I too loooove the taste of light, sweet bubbles in my mouth and find it soothing to my stomach also. Replacing soda with these healthy bev's has been a very enjoyable and positive step in my life, it may take some adjusting, but it is so worth it. Now I never miss soda if I have water kefir or dh's yummy apple/ginger...
non-organic peanuts may also be GMO and we don't really know yet how bad that is for us...but I suspect very, and avoid all GMO food as strictly as possible.    Another note about buying nuts: All almonds sold in US retail stores (including Raw Organic) are pasteurized! This is the law, I don't know how they get away with calling them raw (I'm talking to you Whole Foods!). You can still buy raw almonds, just order them online directly from a farm.
Hi fellow ECer's... when I learned about this and started reading more while I was pregnant I was eager to find others doing it. I only had friends of friends stories for the most part and one friend doing it with an older baby. I asked my midwife and our wonderful family doctor if they new any families practicing EC and they both said no. They had heard of it but that was it.   So glad to have found MDC and the EC forum! Great for sharing, learning, and...
Thanks mama's, ds has been wearing his almost constantly for months now, and I just wanted to make sure other babies were doing this also.   I couldn't find much on the use of amber necklaces for teething, but it seems to me that they would need to be worn allot for anything to be absorbed through the skin. We call it his gris-gris and keep it on all the time sort of for spiritual/cultural reasons as well, plus we think he looks so sweet in it. I was born in the...
oh, and we also both LOVE wearing our lo, it is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for us. Our boys are also intact, and un-vaxed
Hi all, I am a new mama to a dear baby boy (6.5 mo now) and a part-time (summers) mama to dss (almost 12!).   I have been lurking around here for months now, getting to know the forum. What a great place! MDC is like having thousands of sisters all over the globe to ask real questions and get real answers and share the joys and trials of life with children.   DH and I love being parents! We love cosleeping, nursing, ECing/CDing, real food, and natural family...
Do you leave it on all the time or just put it on when babe is fussy?
my 6.5 mo old does this too and can hurt no matter how short his fingernails are! He also loves to put his fingers inside my mouth and noes (gross, I know) while he is falling asleep.   I sometimes wear a baby-safe necklace, with a wood or stone ornament on it, that he likes to grab. This seems to distract him from pinching, picking and exploring my face...sometimes.
Love it! I have been following the food safety bill for months, contacting my reps in MA and RI, after moving. My reps voted for the bill and one replied to my emails about the dangers of the legislation by boasting about how much work he did on this important bill! I am so angry/freaked about it!    That's it...I moving to Vermont! (I wish)   At least the state of VT is standing up to our right to eat whole, healthy food!
Hi Maya'sMama, thanks for the reply, and the link. I didnt get an email update for this thread so I though no one replied. I had just starting drinking lots of raw milk from drinking little to none when all I could get was pasturized. Ds seems to be pooing normally and not having any weird symptoms.    Side-note: we starting a little bit of solids and are surprised to see a quick change in the consistency/shape of his poo! 
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