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I don't regret giving birth unassisted at all.  I'd give birth by myself (and do just fine) if I had to.  In fact I'm somewhat wanting a solo birth this time.  I don't mind if the husband happens to be there (or maybe I'll call him in), but I'd almost like to do it while everyone is sleeping. :)   The nice thing about giving birth is that your body knows exactly what to do, and if you're alone, you'll know exactly what's going on and you'll be able to handle your...
Have you tried looking online for it?  That's really all I can think of...you can get a lot of things online. 
Yeah, you will know when it's time to cut the cord.  I like to wait until the placenta has delivered, but with my last birth, I was in labor for five hours with my placenta (and only one hour with the baby LOL), so I decided to cut her off after an hour so I could focus on getting the placenta out.  With my twins it slipped out right away (barely caught it in a bowl), so I didn't wait too long to cut their cords...they shared the placenta so it was difficult to juggle...
I got regular prenatal care with an OB for my last two pregnancies, and I had the same one each time.  (I'm also on MA.)  I just didn't tell them that I didn't plan to birth with them, and nothing was said about it for my second pregnancy.  He just did his job (my prenatal care) and didn't push the subject.  He even answered a butt load of questions for me just to humor me.  Lol.  Anyway I don't see anything wrong with seeking prenatal care from an OB if that's what you...
  I've never heard of that before, how does that make sense?   And I agree, I don't think shoulder dystocia would be that big of a deal if women were able to move freely during labor and birth.
I educated my partner about birth and showed him birth videos.  We're already "against the grain" as it is, and we believe in doing things as naturally as possible.  Natural home birth made sense to both of us, and unassisted was what I wanted, and he wanted whatever I wanted, since I am the one giving birth!  He knows how well I know my body and he has watched me birth a few times now...and he's convinced I've made good birth decisions.  If my husband didn't support me...
Awesome, THANK YOU!  I didn't even think of that.  I'll have to give them a call.  I know the lady in personnel at my work sent a letter to HR about my situation, but last time I talked to her, she hadn't received a reply yet.  We'll see what happens.
I would be very comfortable with UC'ing a breech, much more comfortable than getting a c-section. It sounds like you have a good midwife, and she has given you great advice. So I wish you good luck!
csbwhite - Thank you! I can't wait to give birth again. I'm going to try and videotape again this time.
Haha nice! I'm due January 2nd. I was due January 1st with my twins.
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