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Good news, I happened to run into the awesome one of the two personnel ladies yesterday, and I asked her if there's any way I can get leave without having a doctor's signature. She is awesome in that she totally supports my right to choose to not have a provider and to birth at home. She's going to look into it for me.
Yeah...the midwife I emailed didn't even email me back this time.
Right. Whenever I've sent in for birth certificates, they like that little proof of pregnancy note. But I don't think it's necessary. To be honest, I could maybe even get my pedi to give me something of the sort. I've had the same pedi for all my kids, and he knows I freebirth and has no issues with it. I actually got him to sign my LOA papers after I had the twins. (An OB will just sign for about 6 weeks of leave.) I took a year off to breastfeed them. Speaking of...
I forgot to mention that I was going to try and contact a homebirth midwife I've contacted for each of my previous pregnancies, and see if she'd sign my papers for me.  I think that would be preferable, to be honest.  Maybe she'd do that and also give me a little "proof of pregnancy" signed by her for a small fee. 
Hahaha, that is interesting!  I'm curious to see what they say.   Unfortunately, I work for Walmart.  I know the ladies that work in the personnel office, and I know what they're going to tell me, because after I had my last baby, I called and asked them to put me on the schedule, and they said that I HAD to have a doctor sign my papers saying I was able to work: their hands were tied.  I'm not really interested in bringing it to corporate or anything, I guess, but...
Hello ladies, I'm not sure how many of you might remember me, as I don't post as often as I should, but I am back with baby #4 on the way.  I just found out I'm pregnant, 4 weeks, 6 days to be exact, counting from my ovulation date.  So there's a good chance I will have another baby by the end of this year, since all of mine have been 1-4 weeks early.   I actually have a question.  Though I had all of my babies unassisted, I did get prenatal care with an OB (thanks...
Yep, I had my twins unassisted.  Mono/di twins.  They're now 2 years old, and my firstborn is sitting in my lap.  It was a very wonderful first birth experience.  I had my third baby unassisted, too.  If you're interested, I have a birth story for the twins and a video of my third. :)
Woohoo!  Women are amazing!  Congrats!!
Awesome!  I'm so excited to hear your birth story, and you're so close, yay!! Here's a video of my second birth/third child:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RwXud1hfI4   The birth story of my twins is linked in the video description.  I love birth stories and birth videos, please videotape yours if you can!! <3
So wonderful.  I never get sick of reading stories like this.  UC is just so awesome. <3 <3
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