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I have appreciated reading this dialogue and ironically, this very subject is the reason I haven't been to MDC in awhile.  I saw the subject in a email from MDC and thought I'd give it a chance.   I had my 2nd baby almost 8 months ago and despite having an unmedicated birth I still had aspects at the end (uncontrolled pushing that lead to significant tearing) that made me feel like a failure.  I felt like I failed hypnobabies since I didn't get around to the pushing stage...
As others said, check with your hospital, most have policies on how many "care partners" can be in the room at any given time.  At my hospital it is 3, although they can rotate out/take turns.  I only had my DH with my last birth and will with this one as well, which was perfect for us.   Also, you might want to check the photography policy as well.  At my hospital you can't take videos (and photos too I think) until after the child is born.  Liability I imagine.
Um, no.  Redbox is only an extra $1 for every extra day you have it.  It is NOT for an extra minute or an hour.  In my area there are Redboxes all over so it's really not hard to return it since you can return it to any Redbox location, not just the one you rented it from.  
We switched to streaming only, so we're saving money. ;)  We usually only watch 1-2 of the mail movies a month anyway, so we can just pick up a Redbox if we really want a new video.  Redbox is ALL over the place here, some locations have 2 boxes at them!  So it's easy to p/u and d/o without paying the extra day charge.     Most people I've talked to have switched down to streaming, so I'm thinking they'll lose money on this.
I'd try an antique type store then, since they have a mixture of old and new fiesta from what I've seen.  In new condition for the newer (non-vintage) colors.  Another option (if you're okay with used) is craigslist.  People often sell of pieces or sets there. 
Amazon has quite a selection.  You can get individual pieces from Macys (online at least, not sure about the stores).http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=493883&PseudoCat=se-xx-xx-xx.esn_results  I also see LOTS of pieces at local antique stores/malls.  Not sure where in AZ you are, but in the Glendale/Phoenix area there are quite a few.   I have a collection of new/vintage Fiestaware myself, so not everything is exactly the same. :)
I've never had an enema and I don't want to start now!  They didn't offer at my hospital, it's a pretty out of date protocol.  I have a friend that did one prior to her induction since her body wouldn't have a chance to naturally clear itself out.   Pooping during labor was one of my big fears last time around but I couldn't care less this time! :)
I saw it on ITunes.
Thank you for sharing your story.  I hope it goes as smoothly for me. :)
They used to say that semen helped move things along but recent research showed that's not really the case.  There isn't enough prostaglandins in it to start labor (you'd need A LOT of semen, LOL).  However, the act of sex can get things moving if you're close to birthing time, just like walking or many other physical activities.  
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