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Thank you! Can you pm me your email address?
Hey, y'all! I have a friend who is newly pregnant and getting ready to move to Gettysburg, PA from SC. Is there any info. I can give her re: doulas, birth centers, CNMs, or mother/baby friend OB providers? She's not interested in homebirth and very anxious about the whole situation. Thanks!
Yep, Dr. Stafford's philosophy is that you are the child's parent, so he will follow your wishes.
My DD (13) is a mother's helper to a friend who has a 21 month old and 3 month old twins. She gets $5/hour.
ps~I have not heard great things about greenville midwifery.
I recommend either Carey Collins or Elizabeth Randolph. I was going to use Carey as my midwife and I attended a birth with Elizabeth. Both are wonderful women.
my mom lives there. no crunch at all.
Yes, but my oldest is 13-so only when she's in the car, too.
I would be more inclined to hire an independent doula rather than one who works for the midwife. You want a doula to work for YOU and your needs-not follow someone else's agenda-not that your midwife has one of course!
We were infested with pantry moths. I had to throw everything away that was a grain. I cleaned all of my cabinets really well. Now, everything is sealed up in glass jars. It was so disgusting.
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