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Would love it! They went off the shelves when I was pregnant with dd3-she's now 9 months old and is in the middle of teething. We haven't given her any oragel or tylenol or the like-she just wears an amber necklace. It seems to alleviate some discomfort but I'm not sure.
Further was so great. I danced my booty off-couldn't walk the next day. I wish it wasn't so frackin hot down here, the kiddos would have had a blast!
What a great simple idea! It's funny, because I totally use earbuds and music in my office to drown out my office mates!
This post isn't about how to stop the fighting. My dds are 12 and 8 (also an 8 month old but she doesn't argue!). I totally understand that sibling bickering is perfectly normal and healthy for children. They don't treat each other badly just argue about EVERYTHING.   Here's my dilemma: I can't stand hearing them either A talk in a whiny voice to each, B tattle to me about how one was staring at the other or C go on and on and on about how that piece of paper was...
Me! We live in SC and would love to move to western North Carolina.I want the whole nine yards.   We're in the process of developing a plan now-we just rent so we don't have to wait for a house to sell, but we need to save some serious cash.
Hey mamas!    DH and I are going to see Further at the end of July. They are coming to this little podunk town next to my little podunk town in SC!    DH is a huge Panic fan (I'm not crazy about them but enjoy a few songs). My first show was last year when I was 3 month pg. All I wanted to hear was Tall Boy and it was looking like they weren't going to play it. I was tired by the end of night so I was sitting down. And they encored with Tall Boy. lol   We've...
DDCC-   I haven't read all the replies yet but here's what I did. I go 24 prefolds and a few covers from my baby shower. Plus, a few 2nd hand AIOs from a friend as a gift.   I bought $30 worth of 2nd hand woolies (5 hand made longies!) and $35 worth of 2nd hand bumgenius and fuzzibunz. A friend gave a bunch of BG and a bunch more prefolds.    So, I spent $65. Oh, and bought a wool skirtie for 15.   I sold 10 BG for $85. So, I've made $5 profit.
My 8 month old dd has been exclusively cd'd until last week. We were out and she had a poo-splosion and I realized I left her diapers at home! It was bad enough (and I couldn't go home immediately) that I needed to get her a diaper asap. So I picked up a small pack of diapers.    Just wearing that one diaper for a short period of time made her entire bottom break out. You could see the outline of the diaper in red on her skin. :(   It is now 5 days later and she...
Hmm, I would talk to Mary Kury at Labors of Love. She sells diapers in Spartanburg. I really don't know anyone other than myself right off hand that uses cloth in Spartanburg. I'm sure other mamas do, but my cloth diapering friends are all in greenville.
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