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Can I have the good/bad/ugly? We're in SC right now and have been DYING to get to Colorado. DH has a friend in Fort Collins and we're thinking about that area. Any info. re: schools, non-vaxing peds, crunchy-ness is definitely appreciated!
Yay! The founder of SOAM is a good friend of mine. She is a wonderful mother and friend and has really helped a lot of mothers feel better about their bodies.
I have to pump for work and hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it. I hate pumping. It makes me crazy.   That said, it is nice to have a reprieve and let someone else feed her sometimes. I think once a month I'll let someone else feed her while I'm home.
My period had been crazy since my suspected miscarriage in Dec. 09. I never took a PT so I don't know for sure. I missed a period in Jan, but if I had a m/c in dec. then that would make sense. I had a normal period in Feb and then was a week late again at the end of March. I was talking to dp and told him, either I'm pregnant or something wonky is going on because I'm late again. So, I bought a three pack ept and it turned positive right away! Took another one just to...
I ate sushi while pregnant, so that's not a concern of mine.   Re: alcohol-many midwives suggest drinking a good stout beer to HELP with let down (Sammy Smith's Oatmeal Stout was actually formulated originally for lactating mothers). 
And, if you don't think he has an actual mental illness, then suggest the above to him...
Me too! Still about 15 lb.s over my prepreg. weight about about 40 over my ideal weight.
just go to the health department and ask for the form-depending on what county you are in determines their policies regarding appointments. I looked up the form on the website first so I could just ask for it by its form number. So, they took about 30 seconds to get it and I filled it out...hold on-form 1126. There are no questions about what your religious beliefs are. Simple child's name, name of school, address,your name and number. Sign it and have it notarized. You...
Lizzie, we moved here in 87 when I was 9 from Ohio. I remember thinking how great it would be not to have to wait for the school bus in the snow and cold. Well, then comes the winter storm of 88 and everything shut down for 2 weeks! It really is an anomoly for these parts.     Helgatoes, do you know what insurance he dropped? Is it medicaid? Cuz that's what the girls are on at the moment with me only working part time and tony isn't getting insurance from work yet.
Also, Julie-is Dr. Stafford accepting new patients? I need a new ped. for the girls as I can't push back vax with my current one any more-and with LJ's health issues, she needs reg. checkups...
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