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Hi, Lizzie! I don't really have any more info. than Julie (I live in Spartanburg, Greenville's neighbor) but just wanted to say welcome to the south!   I have a 12 yo and an 8 yo and a 9 week old.    Julie, you should tell her about about the Blessingway at Earth Fare next week...
Our cats snuck outside and brought fleas in to our house. It took about a month of treatment of DE and eucalyptus oil-I was pregnant and we couldn't use chemicals.
LOL. I live in SC and we are spoiled. This cold snapped was awful! I don't so much mind the low temps, I HATE the wind. We don't have the attire here to deal with it!!!
We're a family of 5-baby is EBF. When money is flowin', we will spend $100/week. Though, since baby was born, money has been tight as I'm not working. I recently made a 2 week list and spent $70. I was so proud of myself!
Mary Kury? She is great. I see her at LLL sometimes.  
My favorite it just prefolds with wool covers. Though, daddy and grandma prefer AIOs...
nak   stay away from st. francis. my friend is a post-partum nurse their and has told me some unsavory things about the treatment of their patients. AND, their c-section rate is about 50%.
Yes. Basically, it's "I won't tell you really killed Liddy, if you won't let them think I killed Liddy." Dex. could have EASILY framed Quinn for the murder-and Quinn knows it. I think for Deb's sake, they called an unspoken truce. 
I don't have all the details yet-she had a baby girl either the 13th or the 14th. They transferred to the hospital after a bleeding scare. Both mama and baby are healthy. Baby girl had to be under bili lights for a while-she either came home last night or will come home this morning. She weighed 9 lb 5 oz. Possible name-Mara.    I'll update when I know more-or hopefully, she'll be around today when she gets home to update herself!!   Love you, Nic!
Quote: Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness Placenta previa comes to mind. Yep. Turned my homebirth in to a scheduled c-section.
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